Emigration: how your Life in Another Country is Changing

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Moving abroad is one of the most daunting and exciting adventures in life. Everything is changing dramatically – and we are not talking about different postage stamps at all.

Moving abroad is a very special experience: you have two addresses, two currencies in your wallet, you speak two languages. You will always be part of two worlds – old and new home. Of course, over time, the feeling of the presence of two different worlds in your life dulls, but old messages sent to parents or “boxes of memories” stored in the basement always pop up.

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You cannot buy the same delicious lightly salted cucumbers that your grandmother makes or mind-blowing compotes from your mother. Appreciate packages from your family and send them in return something interesting from your new home. Sharing food will help you feel closer to each other.

Is there a long-distance relationship? For love or friendship, this is always a test – you do not see each other, you miss many memorable dates and moments, which does not make the relationship stronger. You have two options: to part forever, or conversely to get closer. You have to decide whether you want to keep the friendship or not. If the answer is yes, then you will quickly learn to do whatever is possible and impossible to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Of course, life by the ocean is amazing. But this is the same life as in any other place. You will also have to pay taxes, fix clogged toilets, and complain about the weather. Moving to another country does not mean that all your problems will be left behind.

Think back to your mom’s face when she found out that you weren’t coming home for Sunday dinner, even though you promised to spend the evening with your family a week ago. Now imagine the face when she finds out that you cannot come home for Christmas because you have no free time or all the tickets are sold out. Chances are, you won’t be able to visit your parents often, which will overshadow your rare trips home with guilt.
Therefore, communicate with your parents more often by phone, Skype or WhatsApp.

Every day you will more and more like the locals. This will start with learning the local language, although it will be difficult to understand the speech at first. After a while, you will find out when it is better to go to the store to buy groceries or clothes at the lowest prices, where the best coffee is brewed and the most delicious eclairs are sold.

You can argue for a long time about what a home is and what determines its location: place of birth, loved ones or your heart. For me, home is where my laptop is and where WI-FI is automatically connected. Just before you decide to move to another country, realize what you and your loved ones have to go through.

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