Email Apps Development for IPhones to Keep Mailbox Sorted

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Third-party apps for emails are officials’ new favourite! Yes, you’ve heard that right. Different apps are now providing unique email experience to the officers or professionals! Whether they want to maintain multiple email accounts or manage popular contacts in one place, iPhones got a new range of email apps to help. Email apps are helping them sort all their mailing essentials on their iPhones without making a mess out of them. What always troubled the officials in keeping up mails in their default mailing app is the interminable threads of messages that go on forever and clutters up the inbox. Thankfully, with iPhone application development, many third-party email apps are now being designed by proficient app developers in Australia and everywhere else, helping them to better manage their mailbox. GetAProgrammer, a visionary company for iPhone application development in Sydney and trusted by many tech luminaries is too adept at crafting email apps for iOS devices to boost email management for busy professionals on their phones. And, you can create one to help alike professionals with seamless emails management. Everything is now tied to email. So, it’s not feasible to frequently change account or create multiple ones. To know how email apps development are enhancing making email experience hassle-less, have a look at some of the popular ones built for iPhones.

#1 Airmail One of the most used third-party mail apps, it supports accounts from a range of email sites including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange and POP3, IMAP systems.; What makes it a great favourite for the iPhone users is that it goes well with the iOS design trends. “Powerhouse of email client”, it has gesture controls, threaded inbox view, labels, and also filtered searches.

#2 Spark A newbie in the third-party email app segment, it has raised enough users providing a smart inbox to keep mails utterly organised. It too has support for all emails including iCloud, Google, Exchange and IMAP. Its unique features are snoozing of emails, send later option, follow up reminders of emails, and integration with other useful apps like Onedrive, Dropbox.

#3 Astro Mail It is the most advanced form that makes use of AI approach to offer intelligent assistance to the iPhone users in sorting their mailbox. Apart from advanced features like send later, snooze of mails, unified Gmail inbox, its built-in chatbot make it a special email application. It gives intelligent recommendations to the users to unsubscribe, archive, and select contacts in groups, and get reminders.

#4 Edison Mail It is the fastest service provider out of the lot and that makes it special in the eyes of bust professionals. Its assistant feature keeps everything in the mailbox arranged automatically under categories. Yes, that true! The app has the intelligence capability to categorise emails and place them under a particular category. Now, that you’ve known the type of apps that are helping professionals to keep their inbox always clear, arranged and systemised, wondering how to build one?

The answer is quite obvious! You need to get involved with an eminent company for mobile app development in Sydney that hires best app developers who has skills in varying range of applications. But, before that get a checklist of the features you want in your email so that the developers didn’t miss out any.

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