Electric Cars: Pros and Cons of the Future of Transportation

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Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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The wave of the future has arrived. Electric cars are appearing more frequently than ever before. Now the choice is yours, hit the accelerator on them or leave them in the dust. You turn on the TV and see a commercial about a car. With the new rave on electric cars, most likely, this is the type of car being promoted. However, do you know all of the pros and cons of these vehicles?

Environmental Benefits and Cost Savings

With pollution on the horizon these days, many people are buying electric cars simply because they are easier on the environment.

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Due to the fact there is no exhaust system. No emissions are released into the air. Many people also like knowing that they are saving some money. Americans spend around $0.15/mile driving gas-powered vehicles. This doesn’t seem very staggering, but what you don’t know is these electric vehicles run at one-third of the cost of a gas-powered car. You are driving through rush hour in Milbank. Well, this point may not be valid for a small-town member, but if you live in a bustling city such as Los Angeles, the loudness of rush hour may get to you. They are so quiet that legislators have even proposed the installation of noise-making devices for these cars to alert pedestrians that they are nearby. If you live in a big city, commute time may be an inevitable issue for you. With an electric vehicle, this time could be drastically shortened. Perks come with driving one of these vehicles, and one of them includes the ability to partake in the use of carpool lanes. This may not tie into small-town life, but it could be a major factor of consideration when deciding if an electric car is right for you.

Challenges and Drawbacks

Of course, these vehicles also come with downsides, as anything would. These cars have a shortened range. The charge may only last 60-100 miles, leaving very few select models to have a charge lasting 200-300 miles, making long road trips a bit daunting. Since these cars are, in a sense, “taking over,” accommodations are being made. When visiting the San Diego Zoo, there was specific parking for those with electric vehicles so they could charge them. However, these charging stations do not appear as frequently as they may be needed, creating a problem if you become stranded. You also don’t see these around in a small town like ours. Charging also takes a substantial amount of time, ranging from as little as four hours to as much as 20 hours to obtain full battery life.

The Role of Electric Cars in Society

These vehicles are making an impact on society, whether it is positive or negative. Hopefully, by gaining knowledge of these vehicles, society will be able to positively incorporate them into everyday life. With the negatives, companies must realize concerns and take action to improve their product so everyone finds these vehicles more appealing. By reading this, I hope you have gained a new understanding of these vehicles and taken into consideration this new “wave of the future.”

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