Don’t Give up Chasing your Dream

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Updated: Apr 24, 2021
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Don’t Give up Chasing your Dream essay

I think everyone have their dream. When it comes to the ideals of the future, some people want to be scientists. Some people want to be writer, policeman, and fight bad guys to ensure peace. I want to be a policeman. The work of the police is extraordinary and great. Wherever there are difficulties, where there are dangers, and where there is a case, there are policemen everywhere. They serve the people wholeheartedly, and they have their merits in a peaceful China and a harmonious society. So I want to be a police officer. For those who want to be successful, Heaven must first pain his heart, burden his bones, suffer hunger, make him suffer from poverty, and make him unsound. He uses these methods to disturb his heart. To strengthen his character and increase his original talent. Mr. Stephen Chow Sing Chi has said that if people do not have a dream,it like a salt fish.We must be clear about your dreams and keep fighting, do not give up. If people do not know where he is heading, then any wind will not be good. And if they do not have a clear goal on their road to chase the dream, then the dream will not be successful. Mr. Jackie Chan, a famous international superstar, has many references to his life. Each piece is a masterpiece that is well-received by the audience. When he pursued his dream of film and television, he had asked himself: Every film should be try my best to acting. It is precisely because he clear and firm goal that Jackie Chan is moving more and more smoothly on the red carpet. Do not give up your dreams. You can survive when you have no dreams, but you still die.

My dream is not just a fantasy, it is also related to my hobbies. Each child’s childhood may have spent many animations. I’m also like this. When I’m the one I like the most, I’m watching the “Armed Reaction”, but I’m only attracted by those rich storylines, but I’m slowly growing up. With the growth of knowledge, I am still very fond of it, but the ones that attracted me are no longer those plots, and not only because of the characters’ shapes they are attracted to. What I really like to look at is the occurrence of each case. Crack the process, see the basis and analysis of each theory, and just like the characters in it.I have always believed that the dream is not far away from me. It is just that I have not worked hard for it. I have always seen it as a huge and distant one. The more I learn from my homework, the more I feel that this idea is correct. As a policeman, he must possess skillful marksmanship, physical and discipline knowledge, as well as clear thinking and good ability to observe details. Maybe my conditions are not comprehensive, but I believe that as long as I work hard, I can do it. I believe that dreams can also become reality.

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In Chinese history, Sima Qian suffered a catastrophic accident and was also imprisoned without forgetting to persist in his dreams. His book of indignation eventually led to the world-famous ‘Historical Records.’ Liu Wei lost his arms due to accident in his youth but he did not abandon himself. Instead, he chose to live more exquisitely and eventually shocked everyone with beautiful piano music. I like Beyond’s ‘Broad Sky’. There is a lyric in it: How many times have you been greeted with cold eyes and ridicule? Never have you given up your ideals. Really because of the idea that never betrayed, Beyond became a myth. Their success is no accident. They are strong in difficulties, grow up in frustrations, never give up in dreams, and their songs become millions of people. Singing masterpiece.Edison spent more than a decade studying light bulbs. During this period, he continued to experience failures and was ridiculed by others. After about 50,000 attempts, he finally succeeded and was known as the ‘Inventor King.’ It is because of their persistent adherence to their dreams that they have achieved world-acclaimed achievements and have made their lives proud.

Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba in 1999, never gave up on his dream. He had wanted to study key primary schools, but he failed. Examinations in high schools also failed. The entrance examination to the university took more than three years to pass the exam. Miss Harvard did not succeed. However, he has the spirit of perseverance and courage. As the saying goes: “Bao Jianfeng has been grinding out and plum blossom has come from a bitter cold.” Through his own efforts, he finally succeeded. He said: Dreams are down to earth and tears are closely related.

Actually, “the water drops are worn by the stone, and the rope is broken by ten,” and this principle is understood by every one of us. However, the reason why stone watering stones can drip stones is. The soft rope can cut the wood of ax and say white. Still not insist? It is impossible for water and ropes to saw the stone in one day. It is not every day that every day is held until they are dripped and sawn. When I think of this idiom, my heart is always full of infinite emotions: those insignificant drops of water can actually pierce a huge hole in the extremely strong stone. A true miracle! So as long as everyone persists and does not give up, I believe it will work. The life of a person is not necessarily dynamic, but it must be steadfast; it is imperfect, but it must be sincere and kind; it does not necessarily result in significant results, but it must be done well; it is not necessarily very rich, but it must be fun. Frustration is a fortune in life, and experiencing fortune is also a fortune in wealth! No matter if you are in a predicament or adversity. Realizing the dream is a difficult process. It needs to be done through unremitting efforts. However, in the endeavor, there will always be one or two setbacks to test us. We cannot retreat from difficulties and must move forward. The long road of life is long and winding. It seems to be far away. We are like pedestrians in the desert, looking for an oasis of life. But this oasis, but like a mirageless mirage, you disappear, he disappears. In the desert, you will be lost and you will suffer. But as long as you persist in persistence, you will find the sweet solitude.

Just as learning: Learning is not an overnight event. It needs to be accumulated in peacetime and requires hard work. The nephew said: ‘Perseverance, dead wood does not fold, but scribbles, gold stone can be embarrassed.’ This sentence fully shows that if a person has perseverance, some difficult things can be done without perseverance, simple things to do Not successful. Learning is a long and arduous road. It cannot rely on temporary passion. It is not only a matter of days and nights. It must be cultivated as a good habit to study in peacetime. So I said: Learning is expensive

The dream will not always be smooth on the road, and the rough and rough experience is exactly what we have accumulated. People are born with loyalty and loyalty. The more people encounter these evils, the more we get away from our dreams. The so-called glorious years are not the days of later glory, but when no one cares about the trough, no one encourages them, silently climbs up and persists in their dreams. On the road to dreams, temptation, money, fame and beauty, each of which is a stumbling block to fulfilling dreams, will be deceived by these temptations if one cannot hold it. If you fall because of money, forget about me because of fame and fortune, because of beauty and indifference, Then the dream will be blocked. Therefore, in the process of realizing your dreams, you will correct your mind and make great strides toward your dreams.

Dreams, like classics, never fade because of time, but they are even more precious. If you have a dream, you have to chase it so that you don’t spend a lifetime.  

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