Dominique Celeste Flores

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Prior to taking Texas Government 2306, my knowledge of political parties and interest groups was basically nonexistent. Growing up politics and interest groups was something we never discussed in our home, because neither of my parents were actively involved. Therefore, I had never paid any attention to what was going on in politics, I felt they had no impact on my life. However, after reading some of our textbook and other web sources I feel I have gained a better understanding of the importance they have.

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Based on a few quizzes assigned to us a few weeks ago, I learned I am a Democrat and a Liberal. Performing some research on the results , I would have to completely agree with the quizzes. Democrats and Liberals focus on civil rights for minorities, support government aide, and advocate for immigrants. These are just a few reasons why I agree I am part of this political party.

One political interest group I would say that has had the most influence on my life is the Human Rights Campaign. I support this interest group completely because I am a proud member of the LGBT community. The Human Rights Campaign helps educate society on how LGBT people are non different from heterosexuals and deserve the same basic legal rights. They give me a safe feeling to embrace who I am.

Some policies supported by the Human Rights Campaign and most Democrats that I fully support are: Every Child Deserves a Family Act, and the Dream Act. I support Every Child Deserves a Family Act because it would allow me to have the opportunity to adopt or foster a child if I were to marry the same sex. I could have the chance to experience a true family with my partner. The Dream Act would allow the dreamers to try to apply for a legal status so they can go on and experience a normal American life. They would get the opportunity to better their lives and help contribute to society.

Now finding my stance in the Democratic and Liberal Political Parties, I hope to become more involved. I want to go on and follow my interest group the Human Rights Campaign and hopefully find other like it, so I could help make a difference in America and the society.

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