Do Zoos Help Animals?

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According to BBG, ¨Between 3,000 to 5,000 healthy zoo animals are killed in Europe every year.¨ It’s movements like these that make us rethink if zoos are really good for animals. Zoos shown to the public for the entertainment of people should be stopped for they don’t care for the animals as frankly as they reveal to the people. Zoos should be restricted for that they don´t provide the amount of space as animals have in the wild, they only care about the money made from people the public, and zoos don’t take the responsibility of maintaining the animals the right way.

Reports from Freedom For Animals state, ¨Tigers and lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos than they would in the wild.¨ An average tiger scales to be around 7 to 10 feet long with their tails adding around another 24 inches, and on average they weigh 300 to 500 pounds. For multiple animals of this size to be put in cages less than 100 square meters creates problems with the way they behave. With this little space animals cannot perform their natural instincts and they can’t hunt or roam. Keeping these creatures contained in enclosures forms them to become very aggressive, which leads to them possibly hurting themselves or others.

Zoos mainly care for one thing and it’s certainly not the animals. Since the public loves baby animals the zoos make most money when people pay to see the babies. As a result, zoos breed more animals to get more babies which results in more money. Once the babies are grown up though they aren’t as popular. For example Peta Kids states, Zoos often trade, loan, or sell adults animals who aren’t making as much money as when they were younger… These sad, unwanted animals may end up in roadside zoos or traveling circuses. Others are brought to simply be killed.¨ Imagine just because you weren’t a small baby anymore that you’d get sent to slaughter.

Zoos were first created to entertain and teach kids and adults about the animals they don’t see everyday. Little do they know the animals are imprisoned and suffer from being little fed or forced to do things. Zoos claim that they take in animals to keep them from extinction, if they really wanted to help them they would be helping protect their natural habitat instead of taking them away from them. They also claim to breed the animals to keep from being endangered and to release them later on in life, but in reality raising these animals in zoos doesn´t help them when being released. Captive breeding does not teach them how to hunt, how to find shelter, or learn how to protect themselves. Letting these animals to live out in the wild like that will get them killed, then in the end did all that really matter.

One thing zoos never thought through was that, “Removing individuals from the wild will further endanger the wild population because the remaining individuals will be less genetically diverse and will have more difficulty finding mates.”(Course Hero) Taking these animals away from their home only creates more problems for the future generations. Put yourself in the place of these animals and think, would you wanna be born to be raised in a undersized room for the rest of your life, while people watch you?

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