Do not Let Negative Feelings Destroy our Lives

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Updated: Jun 19, 2022
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Currently, many people suffer from negative feelings which have bad effect on people’s mental health and, more seriously, destroy someone’s ability to live a normal life. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to learn how to deal with those kinds of negative feelings so that we can prevent them from developing into depression or we can know how to help ourselves even if we have already suffered from depression. However, most people do not really realize how negative feelings harm themselves or even they have realized the problem, nevertheless, the professional psychological help is not widely promoted, so they do not know the correct ways to heal themselves.

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Negative feelings are really common in our lives and their harmfulness are really terrible. The World Health Organization has said that depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected. In America, 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year and over 50 percent of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression. Due to the stresses from different aspects of our lives, negative feelings and even depression trouble most people.

Negative feelings are harmful to our mental health and take away the ability to enjoy our lives. People who have negative feelings like anxiety and panic may be less confident because they are too nervous and upset when meeting people. Those people will always degrade themselves and regard attention from others as enormous stress. And because they are not confident, they can not show what they have expected to show so that, probably, next time they will become less confident which becomes an infinite loop. The famous short film named “I Had a Black Dog” directed by Will Hutchinson in 2010 shows the daily life and the personal feelings of a man who suffered from depression. The film describes depression as a pet dog that follows the man whenever and wherever. Whenever depression make an appearance, he will feel empty and life just seem to slow down. Depression ruins his appetite and take away his memory and his ability to concentrate. And eventually he felt totally isolated from everything and everyone so we can see that if someone who suffers from depression does not receive the proper treatment, their lives might be destroyed by negative feelings.

To sum up, negative feelings are something really common and we should pay attention to our mental health as well as physical health. First, we should take a positive attitude towards our lives. When we are faced with some stressful situation, we should try to find a way to solve problem instead of blaming for ourselves or others. And we should remember that the past is gone and the future has not arrived. We should remember the good times and dream of the better future. All we can do now is to treasure the present and make it beautiful so we should not let negative feelings from the regretful memories and the unknown futures deprive us of the ability to enjoy the present.

Then, we should find some habits to divert our attention to the stresses. Doing sports is a useful way to release pressure, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body. Drawing can help you calm down and provide you with personal time to tidy up your feelings. Travelling is the best way to heal ourselves if possible, when we get wider perspective of the world so that we can see how small our problem actually is. Last but not least, we should not be ashamed of looking for professional help. Professional psychologists can help us understand ourselves correctly and give us some professional suggestions on self-adjustment.

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