Diversity Can Apply to Many Aspects of our Life

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I believe that diversity can refer to many aspects of our lives including personal interactions, teaching situations, socio-economic differences, acceptance (beyond tolerance) of groups or individuals with differing backgrounds, beliefs, nationalities, and gender. I practice approaching every mentoring situation with an open mind and availability to hear not only what the student is saying, but also what I am saying to the students. I carefully choose my words in an attempt to convey meaning without inadvertently stumbling over a diversity issue of which I may be unaware. In order to support these beliefs, I believe in the power of immersing myself in the culture of the community at large. Through community involvement, I gain a glimpse at the cultural impact the community has on the institution and vice versa.

It is my intent that all students be served by the courses I teach. Diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives are supported by the structure of my courses. The diversity that is brought into the class is seen as a benefit and resource to all participants. I strive to present material and learning objectives in a way that welcomes all learning styles and that are respectful of perspectives of diversity: gender, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, culture, class, national origin, ability, and religious/spiritual identities.

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For example, I have been teaching dance three-four times a week at Eva Carlston Academy for the last four years. Eva Carlston is a therapeutic program for adolescent girls coming from diverse backgrounds. My classes are structured around the idea that all of my students are coming from diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of ability. Creating an environment of acceptance creates comfort and trust and I believe that this is when curiosity and learning can occur. I am not their therapist, but I see it as my responsibility to create a safe space that allows for all to be heard, to learn efficiently and with equity, and an acceptance that all bodies have lived experiences.

Creating a space that allows for connection and communication invites minds and bodies to come together and create momentum in ideas, creativity, and overall education. It is made apparent that students can contact me through office hours, email, and before or after class.

It is my hope that students know that they are always welcome to approach me about ways to enhance the effectiveness of the course for all those that are involved. 

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