Different Methods of Cyber Criminals

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Cyber criminals have changed methods through the years and have adapted to whatever security measures applied to prevent their unauthorized access to secure databases and networks. Cybercriminals are now committing their criminal activities for multiple reasons, the least of which is to prove their abilities to their peers and to the world. The methods and means they are now resorting to have also changed considerably. “Phishing, which is a form of fraud that is derived from the word “fishing for information, is one of these means, where offenders would send fraudulent emails that resemble emails from reputable sources such as Banks or credit card providers.

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The intention of these emails is to steal sensitive data, such as credit card or login information.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see an e-mail where the sender is supposedly a reputable bank needing to verify customers’ personal details. Criminals often succeed in obtaining the information they want. They can then use a false identity and take control of the victim’s bank accounts. In a type of “phishing called Spear phishing, emails are sent to chosen employees within an organization, a company or a government agency, which is the real target. The e-mails appear to come from trusted or known sources. By clicking on links within the e-mail, employees let hostile programs enter the organization’s computers.[] Another method used by offenders is called “Hacking, where individuals gain unauthorized access to networks from their own computer or other computer systems.

Hacking has become very widely spread and has relatively touched every aspect of the computer network. Even large companies, organizations and governmental agencies could not escape from the effects and aftermath of hacking attacks. Most hackers are usually youth with sabotage intentions, not necessarily aiming to get any financial profit from their activities. This kind of hackers usually seeks distinction among their peers, as they boast about their adventures and share all the information that they got their hands on as trophies.

Regardless of that, some victims would choose not report hacking attacks out of fear, especially if the hackers have acquired information, pictures or material that would significantly cause harm, embarrassment and shame to the victim. This makes hacking one of the most difficult cybercrime to estimate. Next comes the dissemination of malicious software (Malware). When hackers infiltrate a computer system, they plant programs that would cause corruption or execute certain functions. Such programs include Viruses, Trojan horses , Spyware and Worms.

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