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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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 Ever since I was a kid I was raised to go to church every Sunday, go to Sunday school, read my Bible and pay attention to the sermon. This was normal for me and no way did I think about how much the bible was influencing my life at the time. I mean, I did know though that the bible wasn’t any ordinary book like Green Eggs and Ham. 8-10 years old and I knew it was special, and I knew it could change a person’s life.

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What I didn’t think about then but I know now, is that America and even the world would be a whole different place without it, the Bible made the world a better place through just the sheer amount of people it has reached and the morals it provides.

When I go with my family on vacation or with my dad on a business trip, we stay at hotels, and every time I find an array of things. First off TV programming guide, a pamphlet of nearby restaurants, and then The Bible. That always gets me to think about how many people actually read this thing, and according to John Riches in his book The Bible a very short introduction “the bible is still one of the most influential and widely read books in the world.” Just the fact that it is read by a lot of people can mean not much, but the fact that it is “influential” and has made an impact is what makes the large reader audience important. Also said by Pual C. Gutjahr is his book The King James Bible After 400 years “There remain millions of people who wish to read it.” going along with what Riches said it is one of the most popular books. So Just the fact that it has been dissected and studied more than any other book in history explains how important it is to society. Even though the studies and dissections, none of the contents have been found wrong or not accurate.

An important aspect of service that The Bible provides is that it helps people through bad times. As we have talked about in class, The Bible is a sacred text and can be used in any situation to remedy stress, depression, greed, and much more. John Riches put it well in his book The Bible a very short introduction when he says “These texts provide a rich source of legal, social, and political wisdom by which people may seek to order their affairs, to strengthen the nation, and to live with their neighbors.” The Bible has supplied advice and rules to follow to live life on earth correctly. Even a lot of laws today are based on moral ideas from The Bible, which alone affect our lives every day. More than rules and laws, people use verses and quotes in their daily lives to try and improve people along with themselves, find freedom for themselves and others around; John Riches says “the very rich material that the bible contains.” That is why people quote it so much, it is a very rich and powerful book, it teaches people that they are valuable and raises the rights and dignity of people.

Although some may say that the society would be the same even if The Bible had never been made; I believe they are dead wrong. The Bible did change society due to the number of people it has reached and the moral ideas that it outlines. The laws that we follow every day were a gift from the bible, along with the freedom it entails. The Bible is read by millions of people and “because along with the text came to the gift of tongues” so now we can all read it and use it in our lives said David Holland in his book A Bible with the Back Cover Torn Off. I believe these are only a few ways that The Bible has changed our society and there are many other ways that it has. The bible has influenced literature and art, it helped abolish slavery by people seeing that it was wrong since the bible said it was, and even science has been changed by biblically minded scientists.  

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