Curtis Brothers and Outsiders: Beyond Appearances to the Depths of Reality

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Perceptions and Misunderstandings: Ponyboy’s View of Darry

The Outsiders is a fitting concept that relates to our unit theme, appearances in contrast to Reality, for multiple reasons. Ponyboy is the narrator of this story, as he tells us his perception of how he views the world and the people in it. He has a subjective point of view as he explains to us the characteristics and personalities of each of the characters in the story. He believes that what he perceives them to be is an accurate depiction of understanding one’s “appearance.

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But Reality has its own meaning of what is accurate and what is not when judging someone for their “true character.” An example of how our unit theme is incorporated in this book is that Darry is perceived (by Ponyboy and the targeted audience) to be this brutal, heartless father figure who just wants to get rid of Ponyboy (as stated by Ponyboy himself), which could be shown in the following. “He (Darry) is hard as a rock and about as human. He’s got eyes exactly like frozen ice. He thinks I’m a pain in the neck. He likes Soda— everybody likes Soda— but he can’t stand me. I bet he wishes he could stick me in a home somewhere, and he’d do it, too, if Soda’d let him.” (Hinton 37). This passage from the book shows that Darry is perceived to be the remarks Ponyboy exclaimed to Cherry. In Reality, Pony comes to see that Darry is a little more than a kid himself.

The Curtis Brothers and the Outsiders: Challenging Appearances and Embracing Reality

And that he was the one who had chosen to care for his brothers and give them a good life rather than lead the relatively free and easy life of most twenty-year-olds. We only got to see one perspective, making this story more one-sided. This is why we have certain feelings, like Ponyboy’s, since he is telling us the story (reminding me of Nothing but the Truth since it was told from such a one-sided point). Ponyboy focused mainly on judging people from their faces. According to Ponyboy, Dallas Winston’s face is “dangerous,” “hardened,” and “cold.” And Johnny’s face is “hopeless,” “lost,” and “longing.” But we soon learn that that is not the case. If Dallas was the way he was perceived and described by Ponyboy, how did Cherry Valance become in love with a person like this man?

And how come did he give Johnny and Ponyboy the money and gun needed for their journey even though he risked his own self going back to jail? He was a good and brave man, and Ponyboy saw the Reality of that when he saved Johnny from the fire (all the way to when he died from those police officers). Johnny was perceived to be scarred for life, but his Reality showed us the complete opposite of his appearance. He saved children from a burning building (only to die from that later on), was able to murder someone to protect his friend, and stood up to the fiercest members of the Greasers. Overall, Ponyboy learns that appearances and first impressions are not always the best ones and that Reality is very different from appearances.


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