Corporate Image and Branding Strategies Showcase a Store’s “Look”

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Corporate Image and branding strategies showcase a store’s “look” using their bodies and race. I describe how clothing chain Abercrombie & Fitch uses its brand of sexuality onto visible workers and how they don’t understand their diversity understandings. Employees, the company long referred to as “models.” Drawing on interviews and research, I examine their labor practices of workers’ appearances by imposing their employee look policy, hiring workers for “the look,” only hiring employees based on appearance, employing shirtless greeters, and creating a shopping environment that encourages customers to sexually harass workers. How they keep African- American workers in the back or don’t hire them at all, and how their sizes don’t fit bigger people.

The discussion highlights the discriminatory nature of these labor practices Abercrombie Diversity Understandings and Ethical Issues Abercrombie has been insensitive in many forms of fronts, for example, the company had been involved with angry parents,for sexual printings on clothing lines and In 2003 the company was sued for discriminating minority groups in its human resource practices (Greenhouse, 2003). Employees came out and accused the company of favoring whites for the sales floor, and steering others into the stock room, where they wouldn’t interact with customers and or “bother” them. Ever more the company still does not learn from its mistakes, the company again found itself on the wrong side of the law in 2005 and again in 2009, for releasing T-shirts with sexual slogans against women. (Lieff Cabraser, 2005) Method Participants For this analysis, I use data and web-based information. These include interviews with current and former Abercrombie retail workers. The interviews were from people who worked at the company and or just recentlyleft. Some were shoppers who just noticed and were very observational. See the table for gender and race/ethnicity. Data came from secondary interviews and videos and data. Black Asian American Hispanic white Multi-racial total Women 4 3 0 6 2 15 Men 0 0 1 4 1 6 Total 4 3 1 10 2 21 Abercrombie’s Mall Models A&F often greets its shoppers with a young White-looking guy.. He poses shirtless with his abdomen and upper body area visible above the A&F jeans waistband. Although these models’ faces and stances vary over the weeks, seasons, and years, their chests remain hairless, their faces blemish- and beard-free, and their abdomens muscular. These images is what the company describes as cool and all American.

The website for retail job opportunities explains: “Models are an important part of the in-store experience and represent the brand through personal style, providing customer service and maintaining presentation standards.” Despite renaming this position to “brand representative,” the job description remains the same and therefore expectations of visible retail workers are still appearance focused. The first ethical Issue is racial discrimination. By denying its minority employees to the opportunity to interact directly with white clients, the company was creating a disconnection between employees and the company. This causes those who are being discriminated agaisnt to fell less than whites and feel like they don’t actaully belong where they are with who they are. The second ethical issue is sexism. Sexism is discrimination or prejudice against women on the basis of gender. Messages such as “Who needs a brain when you have these” Printed on a girls shirt, which betrays girls as property and sex objects. This shows that girls are worth nothing else other than what they look like and their bodies. Age diversity is the fourth Ethical issue. What may appeal to the young could offend the elderly, and the company doesn’t choose to realize this fact that ages of the world changes and there are some things that should not be said or done. Abercrombie’s ethical issue with sizing.

Abercrombie only has sizes that go up to a large, which their large isn’t that big and the company has been sued many times for fat shaming and saying things like “We don’t want bigger people to come into our stores” Results Abercrombie has a lot of issues with their business/ company that need to be resolved. No matter what they think they already understand, they keep getting caught up in another scandal. They loose sells, they are a hated company by many, and they lost a lot of employees as well. They are bashed all over the place by parents, workers, and their market. Outcome 1 They get sued and try to create better policy and understanding, follow it for a little and then end up right where they were. Outcome 2 A&F creates a sexual brand to increase business and workers tend not to experience these labor practices as welcoming workplaces. Instead, they express discomfort with their bodies becoming sexual brand objects and treating people with nothing than utter disrespect. This tarnishing the brand. Discussion Abercrombie and Fitch are definitely not following their virtues by any means.

In the past, the company may have carried out what they said and had maybe even followed their policies. But now that is not the case. Abercrombie and Fitch are suffering because some of the members are not behaving rationally. They are not thinking about the consequences of their words and actions and how they make an image for the company . The company is not able to thrive, because the company is not thriving,the employees, managers, and customers are not truly happy. It is the company’s own fault and the managers have to work really hard to improve the social status and income/profits of the company.

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