Consumer Behavior and Responses to Situations

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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There are many reasons why contributing to academic research is important, including this survey we just completed. Considering the Psychology department here at Pace University is analyzing students and their life experiences / well being, who better to participate in the survey than actual students themselves. The difference in your average student vs. someone in the workfield or of younger generations is massive. Consumer behavior and responses to situations are indeed quite contrasting. Another contributing factor, is time. SIMMONS is another research/survey company that is where many major companies collect their data from.

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However, there is payment for the time consumed, and responding with good quality responses while filling out this questionnaire. People may not be willing to pull through with these extensive research measures, limited the variety of participants and results.

However, results found from these surveys, via academic research, would influence actual companies and industries, changing the market. Surveys given through academia are usually to study out of norm ideas, whereas surveys given in the industry are more likely to improve such ideas. As a marketing student, I can attest that these influencing behaviors, in this example life experiences affecting well being, are monitored closely when advertising a product, or designing a campaign. It is with real life evidence, like this survey, that assumptions are made and acted on. So though this research is done in academia, the responses will be collected, and used in various case scenarios. Therefor, our responsiveness to these academic surveys are impactful in the industries.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi said, but many people are unaware of how easy access to that is. Participating in surveys or any tracked response tests is a step towards changing something that perhaps really didn’t work for you, or to improve the results. Just like getting paid for good quality responses in SIMMONS, Pace University uses a similar reward system, for responding to a qualtrics survey regarding professors in the school. Our responses cause huge impacts, so for these, students are the one and only target. A professor could get fired, a raise, a promotion, or a demotion based on students response regarding their experience in the Professor’s class. This is an example of academic research that directly affects us students. But, there is access to resources and surveys that indirectly change our lives.

For specifically targeted research, knowing your audience is very important. For academic research, students might be targeted more than another psychographic based on multiple difference life cycle phase differences. A 35 year old father may and will respond very differently that a senior 22 year old male in college, seen in this survey regarding traumatic experiences. The gap, is a major one. Just like it is important to do our civil duty of voting, or being on a jury, it is important to contribute to academic research because of what the results could bring. Research is what brings new ideas to light, and it takes our willingness to make a change. 

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