Comparison between Two People

The world has a variety of people living. Some people are similar when you look at them, and some others are similar by nature. Some of the siblings from different families may look alike or similar but also it happens quite in some of the thoughts that they happen to share.

It happens that my two cousin brothers have some difference especially when it comes to having same parents child. The children are divided by the attitude that they have education style that they have as well as the look and personality that they share.

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Mr. and Mrs. Dave have been blessed with two children by the name Ravi and Ray. The family has moved to the United States for the past five years. The children are known for the personality that they both have since it is a time difference and some other time it is the same.

Ravi is a person that has his attitude of solving the social problems that come in life, and he can succeed all of them. Jay is fat than Ravi. On the other hand, Jay is a person that does not have an idea of solving problems that occur in his life. He is the kind of person that needs to get the help from family or the friends so that he can get out of the difficult situation.

This means that the two children have their different perspectives or strategies that they use in solving problems in their lives. Ravi is taller than Jay. He is a person that wears fashionable clothes depending on the occasion that he is attending.

He has dark hair that is kept accordingly while jay has long brown hair. He also makes sure that he follows all his native country’s culture in all the places that he has ever lived in. Having this difference between the two, it can be difficult to tell if they are two brothers.

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