College and Comprehensive Knowledge

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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I would like to encourage the students of my former high school that attending college in the hope for the college education is worth the costs despite spending large amounts of money, effort, and time. It is worth noticing that attending college after completion of the high school course provides an extensive variety of knowledge as well as benefits young students for an enhanced future monetarily. I would urge my former high school students to enroll into colleges once they are done with their high school education because college education will help them to acquire comprehensive knowledge from earning abilities to initiating or switching their careers.

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However, the problem with the high school students to believe that attending college is not worth the investment is insufficient academic preparation for the college course and therefore, they lack knowledge of the benefits of acquiring a college education. To curb this problem, professors should instill into their students that those individuals who have college degrees are paid more on a regular basis. It is worth noting that; According to means calculated by the United States Bureau of Workforce Statistics, in week, individuals who have bachelor’s degrees net around sixty-four per cent more compared to those who have high school diplomas, as well as around forty percent more compared to those who have associate degrees. Hence, the differences in these percentages add up in the course of the year. (Reich, 2010). In addition, students should learn and understand that college education will help them to gain new skills that will enable them to enhance their future careers. For instance, students in an art institution build their artistic and technical skills as well as develop their critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Similarly, college education prepares students to shift to new fields of their desire. Notably, although it brings a lot of happiness to individual’s daily life to know that they work in careers that they love, their thoughts of shifting from their current career to the desired one can be intimidating. Therefore, acquiring a college degree prepares an individual with the awareness, skills, as well as credentials, thus making them prepared for the place of work while instilling extra enhancement of confidence to build their life as well as a career they have envisioned for themselves. Likewise, students should be taught that college will help them to expand their network as a robust network helps graduates to begin and advance in their careers. A college education gives students the opportunity to connect with mentors who have operated in their area of specialty, as well as meet scholars in a diversity of innovative fields.

Such diverse connections benefit graduates in their future endeavors. Equally, students should be aware that college degrees are associated with lower rates of unemployment. According to a report by the United States Bureau of Workforce Statistics, college graduates can benefit from augmented job safety, as persons who have institution degrees have lesser average joblessness rate compared to those who have high school learning (Hanushek, 2010). In fact, in an estimation of among people with twenty-five years and over, least rates of unemployment arise in those who have the highest kinds of degrees. It is wise to note that acquiring a college degree can not only assist an individual to get a job, but education can also enable them to maintain the job.

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