Code of Conduct Harmony Family Center

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Updated: Mar 23, 2021
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Code of Conduct Harmony Family Center essay

At Harmony Family Center our goal is to provide a life that children are happy to live. We help many children through out inventive programs along with a dedicated and caring staff. The children that we serve face many problems and obstacles. There are many children in the area that face things such as violence and poverty that go overlooked. It is our goal to help those children overcome those obstacles.

Trauma Treatment

Our trauma treatment program is one that we strive to do our best. Children can experience trauma in many different ways including mentally and physically. We are devoted to helping children and families through the trauma they face.

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ASAP (Adoption Support and Preservation Program)

We aim for success for all adopting families and want to help along the way. The ASAP program was designed to help with that success. Through this we help educate adopting families on the trauma that the child they are adopting has faced. It is important for us to make sure the families are educated properly to ensure success.

FUSE (Families- United- Supported- Educated)

Not only is it important to be educated about the child someone is adopting, but it also is important to be educated on the processes that take place before and after adoption. A potential adopting family isn’t completely prepared to adopt until they fully understand the entire process. Our goal is to create the least amount of stress as possible.

FOCUS (Finding Our Children Unconditional Support)

FOCUS serves children who are in the foster care system. The children in the foster care system can be more challenging due to the length of time that have been in foster care. FOCUS helps those children by giving them the support they need to help them not lose hope in the process.


Equine is a program that incorporates horses for therapy. Horses and humans can communicate in a very unique way. By using horses this helps children learn how to work through obstacles that they face. This helps give the children a different outlook on life.

Paws for Kids

Paws for Kids is a program that trains emotional support dogs for children who need them. The dogs help the children learn to develop trust after the abuse and neglect they have been through.

Adoption Resources

Harmony is here for anyone who wants to adopt. There are many different resources that Harmony uses in order to ensure that the adopting family and child are a perfect match. Harmony also has a team of experts for expecting mothers to ensure they make the best decision for themselves and the child.

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