Chopin is the Main Legal Bond between a Man and a Woman

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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In “The Storm” Kate Chopin criticizes the women’s role in a male dominant society and uses a variety of symbols in it. The storm is the story’s central symbolism, speaking to the enthusiasm of Calixta and Alcée. By connecting the two, Chopin shows that the sweethearts’ sentiments are normal and accordingly not expose to anything else. She strengthens this thought through other symbolism drawn from nature, comparing Alcée to the sun and Calixta to a lily and a pomegranate.

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Not exclusively do these pictures originate from nature, yet they also occur in the bible.

The storm is not just regular yet in addition incredible, similar to the interests it symbolizes. While Calixta and Alcée make love, the thunder crashes and crashes happen. The death of the storm shows their physical fatigue. While these interests, similar to the storm, are solid, they are not dangerous. “So the storm passes and everyone was happy” (Chopin) The storm does little harm, and when it passes the sun develops, transforming the shimmering green world into a royal residence of diamonds. The downpour leaves the world a more joyful and progressively wonderful spot, similarly as the darlings part with bliss in their souls. Alcée leaves with a grin, and Calixta answers him with chuckling.

The storm happening outside is an obvious symbol. On a deeper level the title refers to more than just the meteorological storm; it may also allude to Calixta and Alcee explosive and life changing sex. A storm is usually seen as a frightening event around the world. “Alcee enters Calixta’s house amidst nutrient rain and warmth, a foreshadowing of his sexual entrance to come”(Baker). Of course, it is when the rain is coming down hard and passionately is when Calixta and Alcee are expressing their feelings toward one another to the fullest extent. The loud thunder and lightning occurring outside Calixta’s home foreshadows the sexual encounter that is about to take place. The lighting symbolizes the explosion of energy they get from being with each other while the thunder symbolizes their bodies clashing with one another. Alcee exits right after the storm passes on by, acknowledging that this was a one time heat of the moment incident.

Chopin utilizes language to show that this joy comes from the darlings’ correspondence by making him resemble the sun and she a white fire. Calixta holds Alcée and fastens him being both loving and caring: his heart thumps ‘like a sledge upon her’ (Chopin) while she massages his whole body and shoulders. Chopin uses this as a physical symbol of the couple’s joy of them laying together and enjoying each other’s company. In this association of romance there is neither love or feelings involve but only want and satisfaction. For Chopin, that is the main legitimate connection between the man and woman to bring satisfaction inside marriage, or outside it.

White usually symbolizes purity or chastity, but this story twists it around to represent sexual desire and longing. White is usually referred to Calixta throughout the story. “Calixta likewise presents a totally white impression” (Baker) While this whiteness in literature would traditionally refer to a body that the male character could not touch, that purity and innocence is completely transformed to a more sexual desire or lust. This symbolizes although white is usually understood to be clean and pure it can also be the opposite. Colors are used throughout books to symbolize a feeling or emotion. 

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