Child Abuse is Happening

Child abuse is happening all over the world.The major abuse in are society is child abuse more than 80 percent has child abuse in are world.America has to stop child abuse in are country.Nearly more than a thousand plus more children was victims of child abuse or neglect.Child abuse has ruined the worlds of little children,More parents are abusing children and hurting their lives with abusing them. Child abuse can be prevented. People can prevent child abuse by training parents,getting involved with the children, and by reporting abuse or neglect.

People can prevent child abuse by helping parents and teaching them why they should love their children and not abuse them. They have academies for parents having troubles with controlling their anger and not letting their anger on the kids and hitting them and hurting them. They have trained professionals helping them control their anger and helping them and teaching them skills about abuse.One group that can help parents is child development.There is a lot of places around the world and there is a website.

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All people need to get involved to help child abuse. Letting people get involved with children help the children feel comfortable to talk with them about problems.Teachers should be able to recognize the students behavior and their acts.After the teacher recognize the abuse the teacher should talk to the students about the abuse after they talk about the abuse they should contact the police or the principle about it and help them control the parents and tell them not to abuse the children.

People should report the abuse or neglect to the police. Letting the police involved with the abuse and it would help the kids a lot.If you don’t report the abuse the kids could be severely hurt or tormented their mind by the abuse.It would hurt them severely as a child and a grown up and you should always report the abuse or the neglect to the police or to a family member or a grown up.

People should all come together and stop child abuse.America should come together and help all the children that are getting abuse and the president should do something about the abuse and not coming together can rise the percent of the children of the children’s.

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