Champion Boxer Muhammad Ali

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Muhammad Ali was a very important American. He was the greatest champion boxer of his times. He was born on January 17, 1942, and in Louisville, KY. Some important details of his early life are that Muhammad Ali lived during the segregated times. He couldn’t go to any school that the white people were in so instead he went where the black people were. Muhammad Ali couldn’t go to the same school, restaurants and store as the white people. There were also bathrooms and sinks only for the white people and the black people had the same thing , but instead it was only for black people.

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Due to the public facilities there was unfair treatment happening to all the black people. Growing up his mother worked as a housemaid, and his dad worked as a sign painter. Rudy was Muhammad Ali’s younger brother. Muhammad’s family were not rich and they were not poor either. His family also had to go through tough times. They were not happy with what was happening to them. Now thanks to Muhammad Ali, things have changed and gotten better. Muhammad Ali was an important American because he was the greatest champion boxer and impacted the world by fighting for the equal rights and justice.

I have three research questions about Muhammad Ali. They all are about him during segregation including public facilities. My first question is, “What motivated Muhammad Ali to fight for civil rights.” I chose this question because it connects with Muhammad Ali back in the days, also I wanted to know the answer to that. The second question is, “How did Muhammad Ali use his popularity to stop discrimination.” This question has many answers because there were lot of reason for why Muhammad did not like the way he was treated and discriminated. The third question is, “How did Muhammad Ali feel when he was during the time of segregated public facilities.” This question is easy to find an answer for it because we already know that life back in the day during segregation was hard for black people. This question was also a tricky question for me because I thought that when Martin Luther king and Malcolm X came into Muhammad Ali’s life it made Muhammad Ali braver and more confident. They were all working hard and little by little gaining the respect they deserve from the white people. Despite all the tough times Muhammad Ali went through, he never turned his back on his fellow black people and was just a kind and brave soul.

What motivated Muhammad Ali to fight for civil rights?

His stolen bike and discrimination that he had lived through was what motivated him to fight for civil rights. Muhammad Ali was really angry that he wanted to punch the person who stole his bike. That bike was Muhammad Ali’s birthday present. Some of his difficulties were that he had to face many horrible things and was during segregation including public facilities. This meant that he and his family were treated poorly and were not living the life that the expected to live. In an article it says,“However, it was the loss of his favorite bike that he received as a 12th birthday gift that would prove to be the turning point in his life.” (source 5) In this quote what it means by his turning point in his life is that Muhammad Ali is going to start standing up for all black people and not let segregation or public facilities ruin his life. The quote shows that because of his stolen bike, and the unfair life he has to live, he can’t stand that anymore and will start to fight for civil rights. Even though Muhammad went through all this pain, he never gave up on getting the freedom we all deserve. He keeps and keeps on trying. Also Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther king, and Malcolm X were all heading through the same direction of the civil rights movement to gain equal rights. It was hard for them but they made a difference to our world now. They are known and famous for what they did.

Muhammad Ali used his popularity to stop out discrimination by winning many of the hardest fights and beating the strongest boxers. He has beaten many of the most and strongest boxers. During this some of Muhammad Ali’s setbacks were that he had to face discrimination and was kicked out from boxing because he refused to fight in the Vietnam War, so they arrested him. Muhammad Ali didn’t want to fight in the Vietnam War because of his religious beliefs. He joined the Nation Of Islam and one of there rules were that you can’t kill people of your own for no reason. So then Muhammad was put in Jail for something that he did not do wrong. Sticking with your own beliefs is more important that not obeying your beliefs and following others beliefs. It was tough for Muhammad Ali, but he was used to it and did not want to stay used to it forever and that’s when he started working with other people to stop hatred and bring back freedom by using his popularity. In an article it says, “After winning gold at the 1960 Olympics, Ali took out British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper in 1963. He then knocked out Sonny Liston in 1964 to become the heavyweight champion of the world.”(source 3) In this quote it proves that he became famous by knocking out Sonny Liston. It shows that Sonny Liston was confident to fight because Muhammad Ali became famous by fighting with him and winning. Also Sonny Liston knew that Muhammad Ali was strong but he didn’t know that Muhammad Ali was strong enough. He won the gold medal and was a heavyweight champion.” After all those fights Muhammad Ali became known all around the world and was aiming for freedom.

During the segregated times Muhammad Ali felt worried and mad. He felt worried because he was going through pain being a slave. He was scared of what other terrifying things might be coming his way. Muhammad Ali did not want anything bad to happen and all he wanted to do was enjoy his life with his family. Now because of segregation including public facilities, Muhammad Ali will not be enjoying his life. He was mad because he didn’t want his life to turn out this way. He wanted freedom and peace for everyone and to join the civil rights movement. At the time of segregation some of the setbacks were that Muhammad Ali faced racism and went through public facilities. He had a terrifying time growing up while not understanding what was happening. He got his bike stolen from a white person which that caused him to interact with the world and bring back freedom and equality. There was no freedom for Muhammad Ali and his family. Muhammad Ali was mad. He had enough of this unfair treatment and had to do something. He joined Malcolm X and Martin Luther king in there plan to bring the world to peace. He didn’t want his life to follow the path that he’s been following for a long time. In an article it says, “Growing up in a middle-class black family in the 1940s and 1950s, Clay Jr. had been exposed to racial tensions and humiliations that he and his family had to face.” (source 5) This quote proves that during the segregated time or during the public facilities, Muhammad Ali and his family weren’t happy because the government treated them poorly and in an unfair way. He didn’t have freedom but instead had the opposite. He then went on for the move to stop segregation and bring freedom to everyone. Muhammad Ali is a kind and brave person who believes in himself and believes and could bring peace upon us. Now Muhammad Ali is famous and know throughout history.

“Muhammad Ali was the greatest champion boxer and Impacted the world by fighting for the equal rights and justice.” Muhammad Ali fought for civil rights, stopped discrimination, and was during the time of the segregated public facilities. He helped a lot of people and even interacted with many new people. These are all explanation of Muhammad Ali’s early careers and after effects. This outline gives more information about Muhammad Ali and makes you understand him better.


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