Causes and Possibility of Solving Poverty

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Poverty is not having a sustainable amount of income or essential materials to support themselves or their family. Poverty can be seen in many elements of our life such as political and social. The complete lack of basic needs is called absolute poverty. The poverty rate in central America is 16.4 %. And that is just the extremely poor. There are still lots of people who have small houses and cars that are in poverty. 25% of the people live off one dollar a day The main cause of poverty in this region is irregular and uneven distribution of wealth. Others are internal conflicts, migration, higher fertility and structural adjustment. Colonialism also contributes. People in rural areas who are already poor may experience natural disasters which digs them even deeper into debt.

From the current international aid, the groups and organizations that benefit are nongovernmental organizations, churches, charities and private contractors. Most of the aid has gone to improving security and justice systems, and to preventing violence. The fact is, international aid is usually given to prominent forces in the economy, or domestic interest groups. To reduce poverty in rural areas means to have rural development. However, the government struggles to find donors. Also, another frustrating problem is that Central America’s populist governments shackle and restrain the aid through overreached regulations and rules.

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The rule of law entails limited government, an independent judiciary, respect for private property, and the enforcement of contracts. Basically, the law controls society, not filthy and corrupt politicians. Drugs play a part in the impoverished society of central America. The government has launched an anti-drug battle, which ultimately costs money. Money to militarize police, money to bribe people and money to kill people. By ending the drug war, resources can be allocated to better parties, and better opportunities for people.

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