Causes and Effects of Using Instagram

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This is a century memorized by technology and all the advancements technology can give us. For example, social media sites like Instagram. Instagram is a site that lets you share pictures and videos with your followers. Many people and businesses have started using social media sites more and more everyday. Instagram gives you the opportunity to make friends and connect with others. The social media site allows you to upload your favorite pictures and comment and like pictures that your friends post. Instagram lets you communicate with others online and gives you the opportunity to make new friends. The advancement in technology permits society to access any social media account that they desire quick and efficiently. With these advancements, the constant use of social media accounts can be a big distraction for many. There are many causes in the increase of the use of Instagram, but with all the causes of increase there is also many effects of the decrease.

Instagram has become a leading social media sites for this generation. This fast growing social media network globally with a “23% increase in active users” (Bowles, 2016) Causing the use of the site to become more popular over the years. This increase in users and the use of Instagram is because the benefits Instagram provides for users of this generation. Connecting with friends near and far can be a simple task with the use of Instagram. The need to connect with others quick and easy is a top priority. Instagram provides many benefits for communicating. For example, Instagram lets you communicate easily with friends and form connections with new people. The new connections that you form can lead to real life friendships/relationships. Instagram is also a useful tool for connecting with people that you may not necessarily meet in person. The social media site also provides you with many features to share some of your greatest memories for all your followers to see. Another useful tool Instagram provides is the opportunity for many businesses to use the site to attract customers. Businesses advertise their products via Instagram and connect with their customers to sell their products. They also may use Instagram to attract new customers and to learn what the people like so they can better advertise their products. These are the many causes of the increasing use of Instagram. As a result of the useful things Instagram provides, there is also many unuseful things which can lead to a decrease in the use of Instagram. For example, Instagram can be a very distractioning thing for many people.

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When we are bored Instagram is often used for our entertainment. We many times find ourselves checking our Instagram timeline like its the daily news. We might get on it to see if our friends have posted anything and then before we know it, simply “just checking” becomes a huge distraction. The people we can connect with on Instagram is endless. Being addicted to such things as this has been very common for many people. Many times we find ourselves online way more than we should. This then can create a problem when it comes to getting work done. When simply trying to complete an everyday task the distraction of Instagram can become a problem. It is very easy to get distracted and scroll through Instagram for “just a minute”. We do not have the intention of looking for very long but many times before we know it hours have passed and we still have no work done. Sometimes people will have to turn their phones off completely to block off distraction to actually get work done. Distractions is not the only reason that the use of Instagram could decrease. Another reason would be the danger that Instagram bring to some people. These dangers could be the fact that you can talk to person that you have never met before but then they are a completely different person in real life. Online accounts make it very easy for someone make up things about them and not seem as they really are.

Social media sites like Instagram allow people to have the option to not show who you really are and to just put out there what you want people to see. This can lead to very dangerous situations if someone is not careful in who they are talking to online. Some other effects Instagram can have is the fact that is very easy for young people to get bullied on the social media account. Researchers have reported cyberbullying rates ranging from 11% ( Kowalski & Limber, 2007) to an increase of 29%. (Juvonen & Gross, 2008) Since it is online many times simply a rude comment on a picture can bring down the self esteem of someone. This could lead to kids having anxiety because they are afraid of what people might think of their post on Instagram. There is also always the fear of missing out of something that someone posted or said on Instagram. With teens now this has become a really big deal because there is always the struggle of fitting in and making sure people like you. There are many endless causes and effects to the use of Instagram. On one hand Instagram creates an simple and easy way for us to communicate with one another.

Also we use Instagram to connect with people, share our lives, and enatina us at times. While on the other hand Instagram comes with the possibility of putting people in a dangerous situation when we do not even know who we are talking to. That could cause a lot of trouble for ourselves. Instagram can also distract us from school and work tasks. There are many causes of the increasing use of Instagram. With that this is also an equalily amount of reasons for the effects of the decrease of users Instagram has. However, Instagram is a very popular social media site which many people enjoy using despite whatever the causes and effects of using it is.

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