California Health Insurance Fairness Act

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Overview of health problem

In the modern society, health insurance is an imperative issue that helps with the firm address of major activities to be carried out. The identification of ardent activities that would drive the health service providers to have a package of insurance has led to a great level of difference in the society. While there are employers who have the capacity to provide their employees with the health insurance and certain benefits, there are others who do not have the capability.

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Therefore, the employees who work for the small organizations are forced to have a system of paying for their insurance premiums through their after tax money. The situation whereby most individuals pay for their insurance with the after tax money is a great detriment to the community, and it also leads to the identification of a better creation in the community. This is an analysis that makes it imperative to lead into a greater profit by the insurance agencies and the state agencies. Nonetheless, the citizens who are forced to purchase the tax premiums with their after ta money have a lot of deductions that also make them to experience economic downsides. The instance is therefore a great detriment to the growth of a better healthcare system that would be provided within the taxable income of an individual. These people who are not insured by their employers, and those that work for the small companies are therefore infringed upon by the flaws of the system.

Severity of health problem

The health problem that is addressed in the specific instance makes a great implementation to change and bring up diverse activities in the community. The lack of way to ensure that they can pay for their employees the health insurance needs makes it necessary for the particular employees to pay for themselves and also get into situations whereby they cannot balance their income and the needs of the health insurance packages. Therefore, this is an issue that affects a great extent of the population, as well as makes them to have diverse economic issues.

The severity of the problem is witnessed in the manner which individuals will opt for the lower costing health insurance peaks since they know spending on the costlier ones will have an economic impact. The creation of a way to address the need for health insurance, and balance with their middle to low income sources makes it difficult for them to access a quality healthcare system due to the intensity of the insurance needs.

On the other hand the proposed bill seeks to ensure that they introduce a way that could alter this system of paying for health insurance with the after tax money. The bill proposes that there should be certain capabilities inducted into the system which make it much easier to ensure the direction form their little sources of income. The use of this avenue will ensure that the healthcare deductibles are made in a way that could attract a better attention to the community. These steps would make a great impact on the kind of issues that they need to address from better attention of matters in the community. The use of the income before tax to pay for the deductibles of the health insurance gives the employees a great chance to have much more money to spend on other activities, as well as provides them with the best healthcare alternative that they could access. Hence, the system proposed by the bill would make a great benefit to the different members of the Californian society.

Research into the Bill

While the bill provides the citizens of California with a great alternative to use for their health activities, there are certain issues that have been spotlighted within the bill. The bill, as per the legislators and different financial institutions, would work to decrease the income tax of the state. This means that there is an opposition into the bill whereby the state will stand to lose an estimated $380 Million in the period of 2018-2019. This shows that the state will stand to have a loss from the project, as they will change their normal model of carrying out activities and get to enhance the legislation to accept the taxation of insurance from salaries of individuals.

The scope of the losses that would be accrued shows that there is a great way that the citizens of California will benefit from the project. Over the recent years, there have been different complains in the state over the manner which the insurance related activities affect families. Majority of individuals from the medium and low paying jobs cannot sustain their financial activities in a proper manner since they have to pay frost for the health insurance needs. This is a complain that has also led to the creation of a large number of people in the state who do not ho for the health insurance, so that they could level their expenditure to enhance the attraction to value. Hence, with relation to the situation in the state, there are greatly beneficial activities that have to be conducted to ensure a better discourse in the long term. These activities would enrich the avenues of providing the members of the society with better healthcare alternatives.

In relation to the bill, there are different activities that could take place to ensure an enhanced system of dealing with the provision of the bill. The bill states that there would be a way devised to help deal with the provision of insurance to those that purchase premiums after they have been taxed. The use of this avenue ensures that there are strict contingencies in place which would lead to a better development of meaning to the healthcare activities in the society. In association to the recent health insurance issues, the background of the bill is the problems that the citizens have reported as a result of the health insurance activities, and also the great conflict of interest between purchasing the insurance and carrying out their other activities. Therefore, when it comes to the use of the bill to showcase the Californian society and its unity towards the provision of a solution for the bill, there are better and much instructional activities that could be spotlighted in the background. On the other hand, since it is a requirement that there be insurance options for health services by the Obama care act, different issues could be checked into enhancing the provision of his care to the society. This, can be majorly done through looking into the different issues that are resultant of the insurance perks.

Stakeholders affected by the bill

There are different stakeholders in the handling of the bill. Through the attentive insight into the bill to ensure that the healthcare sector of the state is ameliorated, there are different stakeholders that are responsible. The primary stakeholder in this case are the citizens. The citizens who will receive the service from the state will be the primary stakeholders as they will also have the ability to have better health insurance levels, the guidance into making them a primary benefactor in this case enhances the development of a better healthcare alternative.

Another stakeholder in this case are the insurance providers and healthcare institutions, This is a group of stakeholders that interact directly with the insurance provision levels. The stakeholders, provide insurance and also dispense services to the members of the general public. The state is also a stakeholder in this case. The state ensures that its citizens are well handled, and that the health contingencies that they have advanced within their reach are properly infused to ensure the growth and development of their contingencies in a sure manner. Hence, these activities would make the community to have a better orientation and perception of the healthcare needs of the community.

Promises/Expected Outcomes

The bill has different expected outcomes that would ensure an enhanced system of handling the health structure of the society. The promoters of the bill are individuals who believe that there should be a system of fairness in the provision of insurance to individuals in the society. These are people who believe in fairness and look forward to the development of certain strategies that would forge the fairness in the community. Hence, through an application of efficiency in the system, the promoters will benefit by maximizing the fairness levels in the community as much as possible.

The promoters believe that their activities would be instrumental to the community, through a series of activities. Primarily, the promoters believe that there are certain steps that they will carry out when they have ensured that the bill is a success. The enforcers will get to a level where they can enact their activities in a proper manner. The promoters believe that through passing the bill in the legislature, they will level the insurance provision ground for individuals in the community. The creation of an avenue to enhance the achievement of these activities enhance the proper accrual of health insurance benefit in the community.

On the other hand, another expected outcome from this system is that there will be a reduced burden of insurance on the workers whose companies do not have the provision to sponsor them for the insurance. The mechanism that will be used to deduct the necessary deductibles form their gross salary will not only be beneficial to them. But will also increase their scope of medical care within the community. This is therefore a great step that could work in providing the society with an alternative to the employer-provided healthcare initiative.

More to the point, there will be an influx in the number of people who get to access healthcare through insurance agencies. Moe people will subscribe to the Affordable care act to ensure that they can assure the changes in the community as they are needed. These are major steps that could be conducted to make sure that there are a series of implementations made in the community to facilitate the growth and creation of healthcare activities in a properly structured manner.


While the bill has a great promise to the citizens of the state, there are different problems that could come up through the health insurance fairness act. The opponents to this bill argue that there should be a system to cater for the losses that will be accrued by the state agencies. The taxes that were received from the payment of the resources would go on the lower side and could result in a negative impact in the overall community. Therefore, the state will lack resources that could help them handle their activities in a proper manner. On the other hand, there is a great relation between the services of the state to enhance the reliability of the program, without the cash incentives, it will mean that they have to plan for the losses that they will get in the course of managing the project. Hence, the use of the right attention to handle the problems that could occur in the tax department will ensure that the health insurance fairness act is a proper mechanism that could be developed to enhance better services in the community.

Unintended consequences

The bill could lead to a better healthcare system in the community, however, there are certain consequences that might not be foreseen as at the present moment. Therefore, there is a great entitlement to ensure an enhanced model of handling the bill to provide the space of changes where necessary. In an incidence where the state plans to enforce the deductions on the salaries of individuals, there might be certain people with very low income and the deductions could lead to them having nothing to cater for themselves. The bill is only seen as efficient in the handling of the people from companies that do not pay for them the health insurance needs. Hence, when it comes to the use of better resources and affiliation of the services of the community, there is a better attention to whatever issues have to be conducted to assure the citizens that the low income earning individuals will also have an amount to be deducted from them. A percentage of amounts to be deducted has to be established to ensure that the entire process is a success.

On the other hand, an unintended consequence would be the refusal of the corporation to have their employees’ income deducted. This would mean that the firms will have to provide better income for their employees to compensate for the amount which is deducted. Furthermore, this would be a great deal for the state to deal with to ensure that they are at par with the relevant forces in the healthcare administration and employee management activities.


The California health insurance fairness act would change the manner in which different service providers handle the employees. The act on the other hand has debates on expansion into deducting the entire expenses from the employees and also on the deduction of specific insurance expenses. Therefore, the major factor that they should consider is the income level of an individual and provide percentages of deductions that should be made to cater for the insurance providers. On the other hand, the state’s legislature should also work in relation to the healthcare insurance companies and institutions to provide the low and medium costing insurance alternatives that could be deducted over time to cater for the health needs of the employees. Being born and raised in Belgium, a country ruled by socialism I would propose a similar system here. All individuals contribute and then everything is redistributed so that everyone has access to health services at very reduced cost. The only downside of this recommendation would be the much higher taxation that will have to occur on salaries and incomes. Nevertheless, individuals will be able to benefit from all health services without any unpleasantness.

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