Discussion of Government and Unemployment Insurance

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Updated: Jul 16, 2019
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Discussion 1

a). Medicare is a program by the federal government in US, which offers health cover to its citizens. The package is extended to cover old people who have 65 years and above as well as young individuals who have disabilities. The health cover plays a major role in providing financial plus health security paying many medical health services to persons it covers (Edwards, 2014). Major characteristics of this program include; many people using the program have medical problems like various chronic illnesses, cognitive and psychological disorders as well as individuals who are limited in doing their daily activities. Secondly, many beneficiaries of this program live with modest earnings. The program covers people with rudimentary medical services and its benefits remain planned and salaried for through various ways (Edwards, 2014). Medicare program offers security contrary to many costs that other health care facilities have. Medical care is financed by general revenue, contributions by payroll tax, premium beneficiaries and also other sources.

b). Government should offer health cover programs for all its citizens. This is because several insurance companies and the private-sector insurance cooperation’s have proven to be ineffective when regulating costs and providing better programs to citizens. Many citizens who need this programs are poor or earn low income which cannot cover for their medical services (Paterson & Durrheim, 2015). Companies offering the health covers do not target many families who live under the poverty line and they remain uninsured. Most people who die as well as children do not have health cover therefore, there is a need for the administration to offer this services to its citizens (Paterson & Durrheim, 2015). Countries which have this programs should expand their existing services and provide better ones that can compete with private companies insurance providers.

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Discussion 2

a). Unemployment insurance has several social benefits which include; it significantly improves the welfare and also if the beneficiaries refuse employment opportunities they can still benefit from the insurance but it drops significantly to prevent harmful effects to the economy. Most countries adopt this policies to activate unemployment (Røed & Skogstrøm, 2014). This policies strengthen people’s motivation to search for jobs as well as get employed through setting clear job searching necessities and they monitor and control the compliance. The unemployment insurance is beneficial as it is an economic display of motivations which is adds benefits to countries economy. The insurance as both macroeconomic and micro economic significance on work motivation as it offers effective employment and settlement services (Røed & Skogstrøm, 2014). It also measures the gross earnings which are taxed away and individual’s social cover donations.

b). The unemployment policies provide incentives for individuals so that they can search for jobs. The policies reduce the employment barriers and individuals are provided with an opportunity to search for jobs appropriately and independently (Røed & Skogstrøm, 2014). Job seekers are able to get opportunities from this policies and this has positive impacts to countries economy. This policies expand the earning opportunities for individuals who have low income jobs through this way unemployed individuals are encouraged to apply for jobs which are not beneficial in short terms (Røed & Skogstrøm, 2014). The policies offer better terms which unemployment individuals can use when searching for jobs. It motivates them to keep on until they get employment opportunities. The opportunities provided by the unemployment insurance give individuals the motivation to work even if they get low income jobs as their earning can be expanded by providing better opportunities.


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