Brian Stoker’s Novel Dracula

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In a period of tyranny where there is an oppressor who craves power, the sense that great men must rise up against an inescapable fate in order of ensuring a safer future, which serves as a reminder of how power creates enmity among allies. In Dracula Untold, Vald faces conflict as he is oppressed by a formidable adversary, the monster Sultan Mehmed. Over decades now, the existence of Bram Stoker’s character Dracula has been known as a monster, but in this movie, Dracula surpasses his flaws and he is resuited as a hero.

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In the history books of literature, Brian Stoker’s creation of Dracula open way to vampire fiction and the introducing of the character was as a villain in the 15th century, which Stoker presented him as “ an evil but cunning monster, as a predator toying with its prey by scaring it before going in for the kill” (Berglind Gudmundsdottir). The movie Dracula Untold, is a depiction of Stoker’s historical character Count Dracula, it builds on how Vlad become a vampire and saves his people from the hands of the Turkish army. The movie sets a huge difference between the roles of the older version of Dracula as the movie presents portrays Vlad as king who cares about his people, willing to do anything to ensure their safety and not the vicious character know throughout history.

The films introduction of Vald’s background, when he was a little kid serving under the Ottoman force “ In the year 1442, the Turkish soldiers take 1000 young boys as slaves, these boys were trained to be elite soldiers, and among this boys, one grew into a fierce warrior” ( Art Parkinson). This signifies Vald as an innocent boy whose spirit was broken through rigid training and the atrocities invoke on innocent people was him following the principles as a Turkish soldier. Also when Vald decides to return home in search of redemption as a prince, loving father and a good husband, validate him as a person who wants to be known for a higher purpose not the fierce monster Stoker talks about in his novel.”

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