Before the Flood

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Before the Flood

This essay will review and analyze the documentary “Before The Flood,” which focuses on climate change and its impacts. It will discuss the documentary’s exploration of environmental degradation, its effects on different regions, and the potential solutions presented. The piece will evaluate the documentary’s effectiveness in raising awareness, its use of scientific data, and the role of celebrity activism, as represented by Leonardo DiCaprio, in environmental advocacy. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Global Warming.

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Before the flood is the product of one of the incredible three-year journey, research which took place within the co creator and the director of fisher Stevens. This film is based on climate change documentaries and in most of the instances it is streamed for free on YouTube, PlayStation and Facebook and one can view it on amazon hence being of high demand. DiCaprio spent three years traveling in the globe to meet some of the key leaders, climate scientists and the vital environmental leaders who have the link and ideas of climate changes and its challenges in a specific area.

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The film does not cover more on the new ground as compared to the other climate change documentaries which are more entertaining. To see DiCaprio journey and success with issues of climate change we have some remarkable views which ascertain the movie as was consistent on climate change and challenges facing the nation. The funny issue with the film is that DiCaprio was the actor who played the role of a messenger by travelling and obtaining data depending on the unequivocal evidence of climate change. Under this catastrophe, it is highly effective such that most of the leaders have given sorts of point question to this DiCaprio evidence of changes.

The outcome of the exposure showed out that our world’s climate is incredibly interconnected and due to this it is an urgent break point to most of the challenges that we face. This film was created to give people the sense of urgency and make them to understand what particularly could be the basic facts which might solve climate change. For example, most of the documentaries gives out some subsidiary impact which really has negative influence of climate change.

To give the massive difference, some of the political leaders are supposed to be chosen to give the empirical truth of the ways in which they can curb this issue. The film also highlights some of the vital changes with which the citizen can make to change ones diet.

For instance, the methane which is produced from the cattle industry has some massive polluter, but if the citizens decides to exercise eating beef from their daily diet then this might reduce pollution and hence minimizing the negative outcome. DiCaprio served as an appropriate guide especially when we review some of his quotes on the idea of climate change when he travelled in different nation and had all the data of climate change in those places. It is significant to describe some of the issues which degrade and destroy climate as a warning to human influence.

Some of sellers describes this experience of climate change as being a downfall by attempting to focus on the space which has immensely dominated this challenges. Graphics have been used to illuminate some of the diseases associated with change of climate through pollution which may include cancer which has inspired many to visualize and draw attention of the place that they dwell through educating people on the importance of making the climate conducive to the people. DiCaprio still addresses some of the large usage of carbon footprint may admit this effect of climate change, as a good sense we are required to uphold and address some of the critic terms which lowers the efforts of offsetting the carbon footprint filming.

The film was interested in giving out some of the mass consumption with an effort to inform and spur the public into basic actions. It is incredible to exert some of facts with which most of the scientist has affected climate change. Though following the worldwide view release of the film, it showed out that the national geographic has given out some of the possible solution. We all know that climate change its real and scary depending on the defensive mechanisms that we use and it is good to inform the public that anything related with climate has some significant on education. It is our critic that the film received a massive positive reviews which had 71% approval rating based on only few reviews which indicated out the only way to curb climate change is by educating the people on the negative impact of pollution. It is surprising and compressible to give some account to some of undeniable urgency which focus on the ground level of the disaster caused by the change of climate as it create a field for victimizing the polar region where climate change has been inhabited.

On the whole, of the film, DiCaprio is one of the highly effective audiences who has been surrogating most of the scientist who undermine the issue as it has caused in some challenges to most of the affected nations. However, when the film succeeds the most basic idea to focus is on the ground level of victims of climate. Stevens keeps the film moving swiftly educating the people by showing in some images, which inspire the beauty of climate, and also some of the horrifying dread, which articulate the challenges.

The movie hence ends with a speech from DiCaprio who allegedly gives focus on climate change. DiCaprio says in his speech that, the body that interrogates our sitting is very narrow and the world can only watch this by lauding the future generation on the negative impact of misusing the climate, which sounded as his culmination of the film.

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