Athenian Constitution

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Pericles praise of the Athenian constitution created a positive political freedom to all citizens equality in the political life. It brought advantages and disadvantages to Athens. He has Athens the true look on Democracy. Democracy is a Political Idea. Defined as a political system considered as an indirect or direct democracy.IT comes from the Greek word demokratia. Demo means the “people”. In the Democracy, the people are to rule the political system no matter the social status. Kratos means “power” which builds a nation into ruling defining democracy by the rule of the people.

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These ideas acknowledged by the Athenian democracy by assigning liberty and equality. Pericles states this in his speech which was acknowledged by Thucydides “Freedom is the hallmark of our public life, and as regards suspicion of one another in the pursuits of daily life, we do not frown on our neighbour if he does as he pleases; nor do we vex him with the sort of looks which, although not actually harmful, are nevertheless distressing.” Pericles speech was an significant speech that given the idea lifestyles of citizens o Athens.

The funeral oration was the proper way to honor those who had fallen in battle defending Athens.” Pericles was able to bring light to the custom of letting one man decide how the rest of history would view the fallen soldiers, elaborate on the greatness of Athens.” It was given to comfort the families and praise of democracy how the nation shall stand against neighboring states. The Athenian Democracy was to govern not few but by many. Everyone whether rich or poor high or low. Everyman was born equally. Represented in the constitution to be free in their private life and private law. Every Athenian citizen was allowed to share inside their clan. This created the citizens but not full members only by adoption. The citizen should have an equal share in the government. The democracy was an open consideration and voting. It was the knowledge of gaining about the world and acting upon it. Only adult men were to participate in the debate of the government. They were giving direct control to all parts of the political process. The association of the assembly with the supreme power of citizens. The juries were the poorest class and knew the advantages they had over the rich.

The Athenian courts were filled with thousands of men arguing before court holding a political audience, and their decisions must have a large extent directed by the political prejudices of the moment. It was perhaps the purest form of government “the demos has made itself lord of everything and manages all branches of the administration by its decrees in the ecclesia and by its judgment in the law-courts. In these, it is the people which are sovereign, for even the decisions of the council are brought before it. And the principle seems to be right. For the few are more corruptible than many, more susceptible to bribery and to favour”. It was a standing protest against the party government it was the deadliest enemy of liberty. In case of the smaller population at Athens it will cause danger because of lack of intellectual element by nature duties and constant direction of Ecclesia. A Christian theology meaning a particular body of faithful people, and the whole body of the faithful. It created a individual responsibility which demanded a large body of men for the council. If a man is poor was not able to enter service for the city. “That part of our history which tells of the military achievements which gave us our several possessions, or of the ready valor with which either our fathers or we stemmed the tide of Hellenic or foreign aggression” Only wealthy was only allowed to serve their people by being able to pay for this armor a man is not able to serve it was of his condition.

Athenian society was about protocol publishing it the relationship being the public and enactment. It political practice and policy flexible of it constant meetings of the peoples’ courts. Motivational Pericles’ speech the Funeral Oration was a masterpiece to the Athenian Democracy. It has been given as the full explanation of democratic knowledge. It was a hearty praise in political democracy. It carries out a significant role for those who died tragically in the war of Peloponnesian 421B.C. In the Speech Freedom is solemnly proclaimed as the distinct prime of the polis. His speech gave recognition to the Athenians that not everyone is equally capable of participating in developing decisions recognizing that people are unable to blend speech and action in the Athenian form of fashion of the democracy is said that Athens constitution obtains not a copy of laws of the neighboring states. The Lack of copying gave the Athenian their democracy. It delivered Athenians the even-handed justice in their differences.” if no social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations being unallowed to interfere with merit”was the rise of slaves and the poor to enter the politician of the. Under the political belief of combining all social status will properly exercising the low of jealous over each other ease the private relations not making them lawless as private citizens. According to Pericles’ speech he believes if the open their military policy for men in the Athens it’ll create a much bigger and stronger military.

The military power of Athens was connected with the economic prowess. By trusting less in the system and policy it’ll be a great advantage verse other states. Pericles believes that Athens is described as a culture with open access. “Athens we live exactly as we please and yet are just as ready to encounter every legitimate danger” he discussed that citizens should fight for their city noting that there are practical advantages. The willingness to sacrifice shows men love for their city. Freedom must be defended so it is necessary for the risks of their death for the happiness of all. For the speech were the men who lives were taken he acknowledged it but a positive embrace. Death was honored their duty, was completed they, were to live eternally in people memories.” a success against a detachment is magnified into a victory over the nation and a defeat into a reverse suffered at the hands of our entire people.” He stated in his speech where he believes Athens power can withstand. If a man can have the equal emergencies and graced Athens can stand as one. Believed Athens had a power to its reputation. That Athens itself as a subject will not be questioned towards its title. It has been shown as a nation its power has shown mighty proof how strong it has gotten. In the part where he addresses the nation, they are strong as a democracy “we have forced every sea and land to be the highway of our daring, and everywhere, whether for evil or for good, have left imperishable monuments behind us.” meaning beside the social status as a citizen they can rule much more.

Under Pericles, he created the payment for civic service.It was to create for the men who attended the assembly of politics. Under this law, many people could afford to serve. It stated a liberality to their own wealth. The low rate soon became increased by Cleon to 3 obols a day. Later soldiers began to be paid 3 obols a day. The assembly met forty times a year. Under the assembly, citizens attended and elected the generals and more elect officers.Each person was to rise and speak to address the assembled people. In 399 a law passed where no man of the people have more authority than a law. He limited the citizenship from children both of whose parents who were athenians. It gave an effect of the privilege and encouragement of responsibility.This gave the wealthy no upper hand on the assembly. Before Greek had slaves. Slaves became a bout because of lack of labor. Most were farmers and had no crops became debt. A man would ask for help from wealthy becoming a slave to them to keep flicaial to their families.Greeks were about slavery and freedom. The development of the democracy was created around the slave-owning culture. Many aristocrats did not accept the equality of men. It became a rational and reasonable political judgment. They felt that meen with education and walthy were more capable of political power. Pericles distinguishes between a public sphere and a private sphere in which every Athenian is free to live as he pleases and to have a lifestyle different from that of his neighbours. During my research democracy had shown many flaws in Athens Constitution. Understanding the meaning behind democracy it is understood as the rule of the people.

Underline People as in any human being that is born. Athens only gave the political right as a citizen to men to participate in political debates. Women weren’t allowed to have a say it is the man of the house to participate in the assembly.Democracy is a high maintenance form of government. Athenian democracy animated freedom. The giving citizens aspiration in both a healthy spirit and shame “Falling below a certain standard”Pericles stated this as prospects for a education model for neighboring states. His vision was proven peculiarly powerful Athen had achieved.His speech took contrast between the Athenians way of life and others who immune to it. He found democracy as a powerful and important element in developing a powerful nation. Athen exceeded more than was expected of the nation. Understanding that the political has exceeded more than any other political system has gone before.It created a protection for its people and more participation.The democracy supported free thinkers that created the culture of the people to sacrifice for their freedom.

Pericles pointed out that war was a part of lie the courage of a man to fight and win is a guarantee of freedom. A democratic society that provided the guaranteed freedom and encouragement to seek eternal happiness by pursuing one’s genuine interests.Athenian democracy is based on deliberation and voting. It depends on socially and politically constructed knowledge. It is the willingness of the participants o the citizens to accept the assumptions that Athenians are to live by.

Athenian political culture based on opinion rather than certain knowledge. The political process achieved as well as it did because of its ideology for its stable basis for collective decisions.Its political practice and policy were flexible by its frequency meetings. By the open debate of its democratic ways. Athens democracy was assumptions on the citizen as an active participant in maintaining its value system.Before the constitution could be described as democratic but it developed democracy. As the paper stated before democracy is understood as the rule of the people. He made his point and achieved it by letting the people adjust. His speech became motivation to Athens.He succeeds in the changes of the constitution. Even though Athen might have fallen a couple times failing in obstacles. The city was furnished with peace and war. The city has increased by the explanation and wealth. Their political system was their defense against the many city-states surrounding them without copying others systems they became powerful. I believe his Funeral Oration that was delivered the winter of 431 B.C not only honor Athens fallen soldiers but created honor to Athens as a nation.I believe his idea of participation in political assembly for all men created a accurate portrayal of the merits of Athenian democracy. With the full body of men, there will no system to control or debate. There was no Private in law with private in life.Without a social status to a man name, I believe it would’ve destroyed Athens as a whole. It is shown how democratic institutions insured Athens victories.

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