Apple — Environmental Analysis and Branding Strategies

Apple is a corporation that is best known for the sale of apple computers, iPods and iPhones. They are also known for the sale of computer software and other consumer electronics. Like any other company dealing with the sale of consumer product the corporation faces both external and internal forces. These internal and external environment are used to determine the position of Apple’s corporation in terms of strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. The corporation then use the results of the analysis to come up with a viable operational strategy.

Apple’s External environment

Economic forces Apple’s corporation faces economic forces that affect both the computer and phone industries. Given that their products are particularly expensive when compare to their close competitors like Samsung, LG and Google smartphones (Tar, 2013). In addition to the high prices for their product the current world economic circumstances that primarily affects the demand and sale for their products has not been on their favor both in smartphone and the computer industries. This has lead the company to expand in small scale and particularly in wealthy countries.

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Legal and political forces

The government policy has affected the Apple Corporation by imposing restriction and regulations that the company has to follow in their production industries and marketing of their products. Particularly laws pertaining environmental pollution, waste management, workforce total operation hours, licensing are among the key legal requirements that the corporation has to adhere to in order to operate smoothly.

c) Social and demographic forces In the look for new market Apple Corporation has been greatly affected by the demographic forces. The company has fetched market in the Middle East particularly in China among the most populated cities in the world. India is also becoming a target market due to its huge population. The company has made their products to suit their new markets adjusting to their religious beliefs, gender and avoiding any form of uncertainties.

Apple’s internal environment

The company Apple has been enjoying quality product supply from their procurers. The suppliers do this by carrying our rigorous quality assurance of their deliver products to the corporation. The company also holds meeting with its suppliers to solidify their agreement on the quality of goods there are to buy from the suppliers or services.

Apple’s workforce

The company, for a long time has been enjoying among the best minds in the field of electronics, design, software engineering, marketing among others. The employee are well known for their imaginative ideas and ingenuity coming up with among the best electronic products both in terms of design, compatibility, performance and durability.


The company has enjoyed good management from a team of experts that has been able to run the company smoothly. The management has devise the best operation environment, initiated division of labor, made sure they comply with the rule of the law, created an innovation center for new ideas and found better ways to market their products (Kang, 2013).

Use of social media for brand differentiation and positioning strategy

The company has used the media in a unique way that not so many corporations would. The corporation has been very selective on the type of media that they have used to market their products. The company is not actively involved in active social media market, however, its products form the mainstream in the media through which the company relies on them to create awareness of their products and thus marketing for them (Mickalowski, Mickelson, & Keltgen, 2008). The media has brought to light the different apple products that the consumer can buy and thus creation a position for themselves in the general market.


Kang, H. (2013). To be a True Industry Leader: Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation in Consumer Electronics Industry, Leadership & Organizational Management Journal, 2013(3).

Mickalowski, K., Mickelson, M., & Keltgen, J. (2008). Apple’s iPhone launch: A case study in effective marketing. The Business Review, 9(2), 283-288.Tar, A. (2013). Apple SWOT Analysis.`”

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