Anything of Interest in Racial & Ethnic Studies

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The aspects of race and ethnicity form major reference points when probing issues affecting any population. The emergence and adoption of social stratification along the lines of race and ethnicity are premises for disintegration and discrimination. Issues related to race and ethnicity primarily stem from the societal perception, stereotypes, and general paradigm that is accepted in society. The political arena is one area where racial and ethnicity issues have been described as prime concerns. All humans are equal and precious in their ways regardless of the racial and ethnic affiliations

Politics and Racial-Ethnic Issues

The political world is a highly competitive and pragmatic area marred heavily by different issues and challenges. According to Borum Chattoo (2018), the U.S is among the most developed nations in the world with a diverse socio-political history. However, it is unfortunate that with over 200 years of independence, racial and ethnic strife are still rife and present in the political scene. In 2008 when former President Barrack Obama tendered his political ambition and interest to vie for the Presidential sit in America, racial and ethnic profiling becoming heavily linked to his political campaign.

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The racial abuse and ethnic stereotyping of Barrack Obama was simply an annex of what the typical African-American goes through. Sadly, in a nation that is privy to globalization and modernization, racial and ethnic abuse on minority groups remains a significant aspect. Chen (2019) enforces the rationale that racial and ethnic diversity is not meant to disintegrate a society, but rather provide a sense of richness and appreciation for diversity itself.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to politics is that for a democratic oriented state, everyone is entitled to exercise his/her political rights. Rightfully, people from minority groups have the right to partake in any political process and vie for any political seat. It is unfortunate that the American population still battles with racial and ethnic issues of profiling and discrimination.

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Several cases of racial and ethnic abuse in the political scene in the U.S have been reported. The tenure of the current U.S President Donald Trump has been among the most controversial presidential eras. According to Chen (2019), an estimated 12% increase in racial and ethnic abuse has been noted since President Trump assumed power. Political analysts describe the foundation of the surge in racial and ethnic issues to be the ideologies being enforced by the leadership of the nation. The apparent discord between the majority and minority groups in the U.S revers as the reason for the proliferation of racial and ethnic issues. It is necessary to appreciate that racial and ethnic diversity does not justify the stratification of societies. No race or ethnicity takes precedence over another, and as such, all races and ethnicities are homologous and equal.


In summation, it suffices to suggest that racial and ethnic profiling, abuse and discrimination have no place in the modern world. Admittedly, the political scene is a viable area that plays party to racial and ethnic issues and equally has the power to mitigate and alleviate racial and ethnic challenges and issues in society. The effects and impact of racial and ethnic issues are evident in the society as seen from the strife affecting groups being oppressed and discriminated for their racial and ethnic affiliations. It is important to realize that there is no room for racial and ethnic abuse and discrimination in the world. As a highly diverse world, it must be appreciated and acknowledged that each race or ethnic group is unique and bears relevance in society.


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