America’s Experiment in Imperialism

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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America’s experiment in imperialism was territorial expansion by military, the desire that america’s economy and trade options grow beyond north america, and the want to influence everyone by power and to be americans.


The age of imperialism was a time where the u.s. And other strong world power expanded fairly quickly. During the time of imperialism, industrialization caused American businessmen to find new international markets in which to sell their goods,also the increasing influence of social Darwinism made the belief that the united states was responsible for influencing a “savage” society.

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Americans at first tried to resist expansion because it seemed inconsistent with America’s political views and principles. America also was not interested in inviting people with different cultures, languages and religions. One of the most well known gain territory was hawaii in 1898, which was very helpful to the united states because it open the waters for new opportunity like ports, buildings on the island, harbors, and military equipment. Another land they gained was Alaska first people thought it was a bad idea because it was just dumb to buy because it didn’t have anything to offer, but later on in 1959 we found alaska to be rich in timber, minerals, and oil. All of these events led to the expansion of america and beginning of imperialism.

America’s growth first came because of the political aspect of the expansions, because of that the united states could expand its trading opportunities overseas. The panic of 1893 greatly impacted the growth. The panic of 1893 was caused because of over construction of railroads to expand and impact the political world of america but that slowly collapsed the economy, also many mines were opening which then delivered a lot of silver to markets. One of the first big signs of a panic was the bankruptcy of the Philadelphia and reading Railroad,which had over expanded itself that bankruptcy happened because of sherman silver act which basically took profits of the treasury to buy silver until the treasury ran out of gold. The act was repealed shortly after this incident.

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