America’s Imperialism

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In the 19th century, the United states of America followed a strict policy of expanding and extending it’s economic and political influence around the world. Imperialism is the rule in where stronger nations grow their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories and countries. The United States was like a collection of small countries and colonies on the eastern side and some of the west side. Over the past 200 years, America expanded and explodes across north America, to become the world’s strongest country.

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In 1867 Russia had gavin the United States an offer for the land of Alaska. Then since the price for the country was low, the US decided to purchase it for 7.2 million dollars. In other words, each acre was 2 cents each. William Seward was the main man who was negotiating with Russia for Alaska . Russia wanted to sell Alaska, because they did not have enough money but also they did not want to sell it to Britain, so they had to sell it to America by that time. Alaska was a very good country that could help the US to get more money and trades, because of its position. In 1898 the US took over Hawaii, which was ruled by queen LIliuokalani, Queen Liliuokalani was the queen who forced out of power by a revolution that was started by American state interests. America took over Hawaii for several reasons; Economic, political, and military. America needed to spread christianity and to continue trading sugar for money and wealth. America could stop go and stop at

Hawaii to get more water and supplies, on their way to china. Hawaii was very important because it connects US with China and the Samoa. US became more dominant and stronger power in the pacific side and the naval bases needed Hawaii for military reasons. After taking over Hawaii, the Spanish American war has started, encouraged by the American journalism about the Cuban conflict. The United states of America declared war over Spain, the yellow journalism and the skinging of the maine were the two main reasons for the American and Spanish war. The American press got American’s behind going to the war, the war lasted for around 4 months. After months of war, Spain renounced all claim to Cuba America gained puerto rico, Guam, and payed money for the philippines. The main purpose for America to get into this war is to grant Cuba its Independence and to protect the people of Cuba. Another reason is to protect Cuba from other countries that might want to attack. Then later government of Cuba will lease or sell to the United States lands necessary for naval stations.

Some advantages of imperialism throughout the years are; More money, more land and wealth, and increase in trading and control over other countries. Off Course those are very important advantages for the imperializer countries because they will help them take more power on mostly everything, but there are some disadvantages for the countries that are being imperialized, for example; They will have less power, no control over a current government, and the culture traditions of the country will not be as good as before. There also some disadvantages as well for the imperializer countries; they will become like a target for other countries and enemies, the people of the imperialist country will revolt, because they want their land back, and they might go into a war against each other.

I agree with imperialism, but it should help both the Strong country and the country that is being imperialized also. I believe that imperialism is a good thing if it happened in the right way, because it will help the imperializer, they will have more land, more trades, more money, they will increase there control, and the army will get stronger. Imperialism will also help the country that is being imperialized, they will get protection from the imperializer, more hospitals, and more wealth also. But I also disagree with wrong imperialism, such as taking over another country, without giving it› people the right of living and the right to protest, Imperialism should be equal for both sides. If a country wants to get more power, then they have to defend the country that they are taking over and treat their people the right way.

Imperialism started by the end of the 19th century, the main purpose of imperialism is to expand territories among the world, and to get more power and wealth. America took over Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Guam, because they were hungry for new markets, more military power and strength, and to get more land. Imperialism should be fair with both sides, the strong country and the weaker country that is being imperialized. Over the past 200 years, America expanded and explored countries from all over the world.

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