Alcoholism is a Dangerous

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Alcoholism is a dangerous issue in several parts of the world. It is the most severe form of alcohol abuse that must be treated. This disease is extremely difficult to control. In Tennessee William’s play, A Streetcar Named Desire and modern society, alcohol has a significant inhumane effect on several individuals.

In the play, A Streetcar Named Desire, Stanley and Blanche have severe alcohol abuse problems. Throughout the entire play, Stanley has extremely vicious outburst towards his wife Stella and Blanche experienced severe guilt for the death of her ex-husband Allen.

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In context of the suicide of Allen, his last few moments talking to Blanche, the background noise was the Varsouviana tune that scared Blanche forever. As stated in the stage directions of scene nine, “the rapid feverish polka tune, the “Varsouviana” is heard. The music is in her mind, she is drinking to escape.” (Williams, 153) The Varsouviana tune is significant to Blanche as it reminds her of the suicide, she feels great emotion and guilt which results in the frequent hallucinations of the tune and as a result drinks to escape the horrific memory causing her alcohol abuse.

Stanley is a passionate, powerful, and heartlessly cruel to Blanche and occasionally to Stella. Stanley’s alcohol addiction results in harm to others as he experiences laziness and a temper upon acting to what Stella asks him to do. In scene four, “[Stanley] crosses to the small white radio and snatches it off the table.” (Williams, 146) The effects of consuming alcohol have taken a huge toll on Stanley and especially Stella as she witnessed the horrific, dangerous temper of Stanley. In scene ten, Stanley consumes more alcohol, he states to Blanche “Shall we bury the hatchet and make it a loving-cup?” (Williams, 189) An outcome that is affected by alcohol is sexual intercourse or rape. Towards the end of the play Stella is giving birth to her child. Stanley and Blanche return home to get rest. Stanley is drinking once again; he believes Blanche had action of flirtation towards him since she had arrived. He acted in “consensual” sexual intercourse causing great harm to Blanche and himself. Alcohol abuse is common amongst two sources of consumption, vicious action towards the user and others as well as drinking for an escape of an image, hallucination, person, or memory.

All literature portrays the actions and events of modern society. The writers seek to develop an analysis of their literary work in relation to society. A common issue that leads to the events of vicious venture is the misuse of alcohol.“Blanche ultimately suffers the most damaging defect, being institutionalized while Stanley continues to brutalize his way through life.” (Heintzelman, Greta 1) Stanley the macho man over powers Blanche the vulnerable women in similarity to the effect of drinking alcohol. In society, men feeling and/or being powerful have a huge impact on women as they feel inappreciable and useless in life. Women feel they have no opinion to do what they desire; the men have the final say. “Although it is a means of comfort and relief, alcohol has long been a source of shame and regret for Blanche.” (Heintzelman, Greta 2) Blanche didn’t have the desire to get assistance on her addiction and her instability of frequent hallucinations on the horrific memory she ever experienced. Many individuals seek self-medication for various heartaches instead of seeking medical assistance by psychologists. Alcohol is the number one source of “resolvent” for various problems. “It was Blanche who was cruelly responsible for the ravishments (or abuse) of one that was tender, sensitive, and delicate.” (Heintzelman, Greta 2) Blanche experiences survivors’ guilt as she believes she’s at fault for her ex-husband Allen suicide. Survivors guilt can be experienced in every individual whether it’s teenagers in a car crash or the death of a family member. Alcohol has multiple sources of escape that has done further damage than the reason they’re possibly drinking for.

Alcoholism is physically and mentally addicting. When an addicted individual attempt to refrain from alcohol, they experience extreme suffrage of withdrawal, which is the syndrome of often painful psychological and physical systems that result from the addiction of alcohol. “The craving that an alcoholic feel for alcohol can be as strong as the need for food and water. An alcoholic will continue to drink despite serious family, health or legal problems.” (Alcoholism, 1) The addiction of alcohol is extremely difficult to overcome. The process of treatment endures hardships and great pain of craving alcohol. The harmful effect of alcohol withdrawal can cause more harm than the drinking aspect. Although alcohol is a source of escape it has a great effect on your daily life schedule and accommodations of your responsibilities. “Some of the problems linked to alcohol abuse include not being able to meet work, school or family responsibilities; drunk-driving arrests and car crashes and drinking-related medical conditions.” (Alcoholism, 1) The common results of alcohol abuse amongst various aged individuals effects your entire life and those around them. “Alcoholism; also known as alcohol dependence is a disease that includes the following four symptoms: craving, loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance.”

The symptoms of alcoholism have severely vicious effects on the user and every individual in relation. Although the results of alcohol vary depending upon the amount you consume and how your body breaks down the toxins, they all develop similar effects before and after consuming the drug such as violent outbursts or physical harm to yourself and others. Despite the health issues, academic failure, work ethic, and criminal activity that may arise as a result of consuming alcohol, many individuals do not seek medical attention for treatment.

Relevant to society, teens as well develop and experience the harsh effects of alcohol. The law states individuals at the age of twenty-one and older have the right to purchase and consume alcohol. Many teens disobey the law as it severely effects education, health, and daily activities. However, the start of teenagers consuming alcohol results from the influence and inheritance of their parents. “Research shows that the risk for developing alcoholism does indeed run in families. The genes a person inherits partially explain this pattern, but lifestyle is also a factor.” (Alcoholism, 2) Not only does the outlook on their parents’ addictions may result in drinking at a young age, but now studies have shown the alcoholic gene can be past on. This is an example of why adolescents may consume alcoholic beverages before the age of twenty-one. “If you also have a parent who has a substance abuse problem, you’re in danger of physical and/or emotional conflicts.” (Lameman, Beth Aileen, 2) Alcohol abuse has great effect on their children and family members that can result in severe health problems. The effects of drinking alcohol can result in physical and mental abuse of ones being or an object. Domestic abuse is the top issue throughout society largely from consuming drugs and alcohol at various ages.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are important issues that affect education from a variety of ages. People drink at a severely young age due to the influence of their parents, friends, and family and possible inheritance. “People who start drinking at an early age – for example, at age 14 or younger – are at much higher risk of developing alcohol problems at some point in their lives compared to someone who starts drinking at age 21 or after…” (Alcoholism, 1) As a factor of drinking alcohol at an early age is due to influence, pier pressure and visualization. Around the age of thirteen to fifteen, pier pressure is the number one source of consuming alcohol at a young age. The influence of older siblings or peers from sports is a dramatic change in the social environment. Your body is still developing as an adolescent which will be affected by alcohol or other drugs creating mutations and malfunctions in your body systems. “Alcohol is associated with increased absenteeism from class and poor academic performance…” (Botvin, Gibert J, 5) Alcohol has a significant effect on the physical and mental state of the body. Many educators recognized the affect alcohol abuse has amongst their students as it reveals barriers to achievement. Consuming alcohol throughout your adolescent years results in negative health.“The majority of injuries, accidents, vandalism, sexual assaults, and rape, fighting and other crime, on and off college campuses…” (Botvin, Gibert J, 5) At the age you are able to be in reach of any type of alcohol, the damage becomes greater. Throughout middle and/or high school, consuming an alcoholic beverage leads to injury or criminal offenses whereas if you attend college, the consequences could lead up to rape, sexual assault, or death. As the years continue, the alcoholic related crimes and injuries drastically arise.

Abusing alcohol results in many issues throughout life, as an adolescent and an adult. The influence and inheritance of alcohol amongst your children has great effect in their life as they may become an alcoholic and have extreme absenteeism in school, work, and poor choices in any challenge that may arise. Throughout society and in Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire, alcohol abuse has severe consequences for the user and individuals around them.

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