Air Pollution in Vietnam Today

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The development of technologies and the demands of human beings are creating severe problems to our planet. Global warming and polluted environment are being reinforced due to the human activities. This is also occurring in my country. Vietnam is developing, so the processes of industrialization are strongly pushed by my government. Tons of gas and industrial waste are emitted to the sky and into the sea. Also, the exploited activities in the forest and ocean are ruining a lot habitats for animal species, as well as the freshness of the air.

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These elements created the serious problem about air pollution that are recognize as a silent killer in my country. There are lot of bad effects such as human health and natural environment.

First of all, air pollution absolutely affects human health. According to WHO (World Health Organization), our atmosphere is extremely contaminated. Air quality in Vietnam is standing among the ten worst nations in the world, ranking 123rd, and it is forecast that air pollution will continue to worsen in the near future and may fall to 125th place, according to the EPI survey. Transport vehicles are main reason to cause air pollution. Vietnam has the highest number of scooter in the world 7.3 million in 2016. This number is still going up every day. Traffic congestion can often be seen in the rush hour and the roads are filled by means of transportation. The smoke and dust from them are released to the air. They have significant effect to human health such as accelerating the aging process, impairing respiratory function, and causing diseases such as asthma, cough, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even lung cancer. Lung cancer is ranked first in the top 10 types of common cancer in Viet Nam. Based on Research Institute of HCM city, there are about 22.000 new infections each year. These figures show the seriousness of the threat of air pollution happening in my country. It is very hazard now.

Second of all, natural setting also suffers from the effects of human activities. The harmful gases such as CO2, and SO2 is discharged to the atmosphere when we burn the fossil materials. These gases will include in the rains and create acid rain which can destroy the crops and cause soil erosion. Moreover, it can reduce the stability of construction. For example, a friend of my family has a company about producing cashew. He was lost about 3 million dollars just because of the acid rains. It destroyed the development of plants and young fruits. In addition, animals as well as humans will also be affected by the bad effects. Poisonous air causes animals to leave their natural habitat and change their habits. In the ocean, these gases will encourage the development of algae that impact aquatic organisms, including fish, plants and others.

Finally, looking back at the development of Vietnam, the industrial processes plays an important role in improving our economy. Some people said that we have to accept these bad effects because it helps us to survive life’s difficulties. This argument is correct but it does not mean that we cannot do anything to fix it. The government has held a number of demonic programs to help cities increase green as well as reorganizing their factories further than residential areas and set up more stringent inspection teams. But the main thing should also be from human consciousness. We are learning from countries with the best air quality in the world on how they keep the air fresh. New laws are introduced to strengthen human perception.

We cannot live without breathing oxygen but in order to live healthy, we need to maintain its pure. Therefore, we have to have ways that more effective and clear to improve our life’s qualify as well as for our next generations.

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