Air Pollution in Houston

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Updated: Apr 08, 2019
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Air Pollution in Houston essay


Houston has been facing an air pollution problem which affects our daily lives. With the establishment of numerous companies and refineries, the smokes and the chemicals that come out from them and the enormous amount of automobiles use contribute to air pollution. The quality of air that Houstonians have been inhaling is bad for their health which consequently place them to be at risk to suffer from major diseases like asthma, heart disease and stroke. Although many controls have been considered to reduce the air pollution in Houston, there is more to be done to provide the proper quality of air to the present and coming generations. In order to overcome such problems, Texas Lawmakers should force certain companies to install more pollution controls and make them pay stiff penalties when they break the law.

Assessment of Current Situation

The current situation in air pollution control has plenty of room for progress with the proper implementation of strong strategies. In spite of archived discuss contamination issues in Houston there has been no orderly exertion to compare relative dangers among the plenty of airborne emissions that contribute to pollution-related wellbeing issues. Somehow, Houston has recorded a few of the most elevated levels of perilous poisons with the national Encompassing Discuss Quality Standard for ozone, treating air toxics in Houston as a leftover issue to be illuminated through application of technology-based measure. Clean Discuss could be an ethical issue, because no one ought to have the proper to create risky chemical changes to discuss which they don’t claim and others must breathe. But cleaning our air is additionally critical to our capacity to pull in new jobs, protect the esteem of all our homes, and secure the respiratory wellbeing of the youthful individuals who we need to create Houston their domestic. We have made incredible advance on the States Usage Arrange to decrease ozone, but we cannot disregard air toxics. Similarly, the City of Houston actualized a novel, region based air toxics decrease procedure to address what it considered unsuitable wellbeing dangers and an inadequate administrative reaction from state and government offices (Cerosnky). The city’s push to apply nearby control over stationary wellsprings of air toxics speaks to a one of a kind chance to ponder the determination and execution of approach instruments and to consider their consequences for the outline of future air contamination control systems.

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The Benefits of Change

Reduction of air pollution would eventually contribute to better health quality and the environment. If the air quality improves then there is a high chance that people can breathe fresh air which is good for their health. But if the quality degrades, people have to suffer from different diseases and also it becomes a primary cause to their death. Moreover, it does not only affect the human lives but also it has other consequences on the environment like reduction in precipitation, crop fields and livestock productivity, increment in fires, insect pests, and the prevalence of diseases transmitted by food, water, and insects and so on(Mackenzie). So, reducing the pollution indirectly refers to saving lives from diseases, hospital costs and the deaths.


The arguments that count against the air pollution control are the cost effectiveness, the accessibility of the emissions control technology and the regulations limiting them. The cost-effectiveness of the discharge standard rationality is very poor. In addition, the major hypothetical focus of air contamination decrease endeavors is to accomplish a totally unpolluted condition at no cost. Because of the way that this objective can’t be satisfied, the sensible objective is to have a properly clean condition, got at a sensible cost, with the last being suitably disseminated among industry, auto proprietors, mortgage holders, and other contamination sources. An air contamination control logic is a crucial arrangement of thoughts regarding how one figures out what constitutes a suitably clean condition, a suitable cost and a proper dissemination of that cost (Bruhl). The other factor that is against the air pollution are the regulations and laws of the state. There are some regulations in the state that limit the accessibility of proper implementation of the emission control devices which result in the increment of air pollution instead of decrement (Bruhl). In contrary, a basic logic and its executing directions are justifiable to all engaged with the contamination control exertion and don’t require lawful understanding of each expression of the laws and controls. Hence, the government should look after the possible ways to find out the best alternatives for air pollution control in terms of cost and also should implement proper regulations against the pollution.


The Texas lawmakers should make a proper implementation of the law against the pollution control, should install cost-effective technologies and significantly providing the education about the environment. And this can be possible if they have more proficient utilization of devices, the utilization of less-dirtying petroleum devices, increase utilization of non-fossil energy sources, to the degree that these are perfect with other arrangement objectives, the utilization of more up to date and ecologically more kindhearted ignition advances, stricter control of air contaminations emissions. Moreover, the lawmakers can co-operate to improve the availability and quality of data on air pollutant emissions from different categories of polluters.

Environmental training has an extremely key and critical part in getting ready individuals to take care of worldwide ecological issues. Individuals require proceeded with training, particularly in the natural region, on the grounds that the earth has been progressing quickly (Sudarmadi et al., 2001). The education related to the environment should be given to every individuals initiating it from the school base. So, that children can learn and know about the importance of clean environment and bring the changes in the future.


Although Lawmakers have initiated the laws and regulations against the polluters, yet they have not been implemented properly. The more pollution, the more degradation of environment which results in poor health of individuals. The lawmakers should force the polluting companies like oil refineries, food companies and energy companies to install eco-friendly technologies and formal greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans. There is still plenty of rooms for improvement for the emissions reduction but it is possible they are implemented properly. Not only lawmakers but every individual should be aware about the environmental degradation and work towards to make the environment better by getting involved in the programs initiated by the government. In this way, better the earth, better it would be life.

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