Against Marijuana Legalization

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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In my high school years I met a lot of people, I’ve meet hundreds of people who ruined their lives by just “trying” a drug. One of those friends is named Carmen, my dear friend Carmen smokes marijuana recreationally everyday, she’s tried everything under the rainbow; pot brownies, gummi bears, cookies, anything that you can think of is probably an edible. She’s even forced me to try marijuana when we were in high school once. It was the worst experience I have ever been apart of, I kept thinking I saw people that weren’t there, I had an unbearable need to keep eating.

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I hated it. I’ve seen Carmen in her worst times, she has been high in front of me and throughout these experiences even though she made bad life decisions she was still my friend. But something dramatic happened, just last week Carmen was driving under the influence of marijuana, had a hallucination and thought that someone was in the road. She turned her wheel toward the right to try to avoid this “person,” and went over the edge of a cliff. In one moment her entire life was ended, had marijuana not been so accessible maybe she would be alive, maybe she wouldn’t have dropped out of college, maybe her father would’ve been able to walk her down the aisle to get married, maybe she would’ve lived her life to the fullest. Something so seemingly innocent ruined her reputation, destroyed her dreams, ended her life.

My daughter just turned sixteen and earned her learners permit for driving, and I’m frightened, I’m scared for the day my innocent daughter will start driving at night. As a doctor I know how many different drugs can impair driving, God forbid my daughter gets killed by one of them. One drug that has seen a frightening rise in use is recreational marijuana. Marijuana is so accessible to everyone in this day and age, this is a dangerous mix with Wisconsin because we have some of the highest rates for DUI’s. There has been an increase in traffic fatalities, hospitalizations, and marijuana-related poisonings following the legalization of recreational marijuana. In Washington state the number of traffic deaths due to marijuana-impaired drivers doubled in the year after recreational marijuana was legalized. In Colorado, the number of fatal accidents involving marijuana rose by sixty-two percent since its recreational use was legalized in 2012. In states that have already legalized marijuana, such as Colorado the rates in children going into the ER for marijuana related poisonings has gone up from an average of zero children per month to at least two children per month. These rates have gone up because the edibles like brownies or gummy bears attract children who don’t know the difference, all they see is a treat that they can eat.

I have a solution, killing off all of the marijuana plants in America, outright ban everyone in the world from recreational marijuana. If the world gets rid of marijuana less people will die, less children will be in danger of their parents or of eating an edible. If you guys cared about the future of America you would stop recreational marijuana smoking to prevent driving under the influence and killing innocent children or families. Yes, marijuana would be good for the economy but the risk is not worth the reward in this case. At this time without enough research and information on how marijuana affects the human body, recreational marijuana shouldn’t be legalized.    

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