The Legalization of Marijuana Today

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Over the last decade, there has been plenty of speculation revolving around the whether the legalization of marijuana is even ethical, well it is here, and it is legal. For the time being it happens to be in only a select number of states. Despite some people not agreeing with various laws that have decriminalized marijuana because they still believe it is a harmful “drug” for humans. Well when the facts reveal the real benefits from marijuana and how it outweighs what some believe to be negative effects.

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Throughout this essay I will be elaborate on the causes and effects related to the benefits of marijuana use in today’s society.

The decriminalization of marijuana has been helpful to the nation because of the tax that comes with it, which has been predicted to boost the economy. Promoters of cannabis support the notion to legalize the plant and in return, the government will put a tax on the marijuana when sold to the community, which can seem excessive to some people, yet it steadily increases the growth of the economy, so it is a win, win for everybody. Taxing marijuana is only one of many examples that validates why marijuana should be legalized all over the United States. The states of Nevada, Colorado and California have already passed laws permitting both recreational and medicinal marijuana throughout the states . As assumed, the additional profit that the state is going to receive from this is revolutionary.

Marijuana, can help many medical conditions too, as it is recognized to relieve anxiety, any type of pain, and reduces epileptic seizures, these are just a few ways patients benefit from marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most well known “illegal” drugs, yet it has endless, beneficial uses. More and more states have began allowing patients to use marijuana by asking doctors for prescriptions. As proven, medical marijuana helps in several ways, this is why it must be legalized so fundamentally, it will help both the country’s economy and the people who need it.

Over the past two decades, deaths from drug overdoses have become the leading cause of injury death in the United States. In 2011, 55 percent of drug overdose deaths were related to prescription medications; 75 percent of those deaths involved opiate painkillers. However, researchers found that opiate-related deaths decreased by approximately 33 percent in 13 states in the following six years after medical marijuana was legalized.

This cause, in support of the legalization of marijuana would help the country by giving law enforcement more time to handle other more important issues, instead of having them put forth time towards an issue that is harmless. Marijuana has been the most popular drug used in the U.S. Obviously keeping it illegal is not stopping people from getting stoned. Thinking logically, if this was done, it would allow leeway for law enforcement to use more money on other issues like murders and robbery. The proof shows: the U.S. would gain significantly if marijuana would be legalized nationwide, solely off of the fact that states are doing these things right now. The economy boost is immense as seen in Colorado and Washington State with over $300 million in a year.

This topic is greatly overlooked by many, because of how awkward the topic can be for some people, which is completely understandable. Yet the truth really is that marijuana has a vast majority of benefits, whether someone uses it to suppress something internally such as: anxiety, chronic pain or seizures. What about the fact that it would help the Justice Department if it were to become decriminalized, because of the focus and money put forth towards other more important matters, rather than petty crimes such as these. Whatever the reason to use it, or to benefit from it is, it can help many people in many ways. Society has unfortunately given this plant an unfortunately, bad reputation.

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