Adversity has the Effect of Eliciting Talents: Resilience of Scrappers

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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Adversity’s Role in Unveiling Talents

Ten percent of young people experience three or more adverse lives in childhood, according to the America Promise Alliance. There is a significant difference in the level of adversity due to low income and discrimination. These young people are not able to finish high school, go to college, and get a stable job. Most people flee from adversity and are overwhelmed, but when they overcome it, they step out stronger than before. Adversity has always existed in history; some people struggle to cope with it in daily life, but some people can solve it individually and continue.

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Regina Hartley, vice president of human resources at UPS, IT, and technical support at the company, talked about how people who grow up in adversity should have the opportunity to interview. As someone who grew up with adversity, Hartley knew that those who thrive in the darkest space like her would never stumble and be empowered with patience on their way.

Navigating Adversity: Challenges and Consequences

The speaker explained why scrappers deserve an interview because they are people who have had a hard time, so this proves that they have a greater ability to handle even the most complex situations than the silver spoon. The silver spoon category is candidates who are devoted to success and favored by the environment in which they grew up, while the scrapper category is candidates who have faced many obstacles to reach the same level as the silver spoon. A study has shown that adverse conditions such as abandoned children, poverty, orphanhood as a child, or violence can lead to development and change. They call that ‘Post-traumatic growth.’ Among the examples she gave in her talk, Steve Jobs is a prime example. There is no prediction that he can succeed because he has been through so many difficulties, such as being abandoned by his parents, not finishing college, changing jobs often, and having dyslexia.

The Power of Scrappers: Embracing Resilience

One of the characteristics of scrappers is that they can easily overcome obstacles and often feel humorous because humor can help them improve their perspective whenever they encounter difficulties. Finally, the relationship of friendship is indispensable because it is essential for scrappers. Their companion are the ones who accompany scrappers and help them find themselves. The purpose of the speaker is to say that candidates should not pass judgment because they grow up in difficult circumstances but accept them because their competence is passion and purpose (Hartley). She encourages people to look beyond not just a perfect resume but more about the candidates who have experienced adversity in their lives.

Beyond Resumes: Embracing Diversity and Growth

The information provided by the TED speaker is reliable. However, in this statement, the speaker did not give enough source information when using statistics to talk about some children who have gone through the most difficult conditions and have grown up successfully in life. The speaker’s main idea is well presented, with numerous facts and examples. This information is vital to others, especially entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs are the ones who need to make the right choice before starting to hire their employees, they want their employees to be able to adapt quickly to unexpected incidents rather than not knowing what to do next. The language she uses is subjective because her perspective is shown at the beginning of the talk.

TED Talk’s Impact and Future Outlook

Some critics argue that candidates with a difficult past often job-hopping are unfaithful, troublesome, lazy, and fickle. However, Hartley believes that they possess many sets of life skills and can adapt to new tasks quickly. TED Talk is influential in providing for all ages adversity and causing the new generation to struggle financially or grow up with obstacles with more hope. Her message can be highly recommended. Besides, the speaker made her case because people are now always struggling to experience adversity in their lives. She said the successful scrapper was not despite adversity but because of adversity (Hartley). For instance, some people have to face tremendous difficulty to get where they are. Difficulties make them stronger and build character. In contrast, those with brighter circumstances can find jobs below their level, not because they are smarter or degraded, but because they believe that those jobs are not worthy of their talents.

Confronting Biases: Shaping a New Perspective

In short, scrapers deserve to be interviewed because they are destined for failure, but in the end, they succeed on their way; this tends to prove that they have a great ability to fend off the most complicated situations. The people must address the issue of the perfect resume. The effects of a passing judgment will only continue and become worse. Pass judging often has two sides to it, and their use, negative or positive, is up to each individual. People should get together so that an imperfect resume is no longer a concern.


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