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Did you know that without the ocean, you would not be able to survive in this world? The ocean provides us with water to drink and the fresh air we breathe. Ocean pollution is becoming a major problem and it comes down to harm not only fish but also us human beings as well. We need to take action and address this issue as soon as possible. The question is, what is causing ocean pollution? Chemicals such as oil spills are harming fishes in the sea because it is very toxic. Sewage is causing fish to eat trash or what we call debris. Not only that it affects marine animals but also humans. Most people think that since the ocean is large we can throw trash in it, and it won’t have an effect on us. We as humans need to stop littering and throw our trash away in order to reduce the amount of waste going into the ocean. One of the major problems of ocean pollution is chemical pollution.

For example, automobiles and coal-burning power plants release harmful particles into the atmosphere. These particles settle in the water, carrying with them chemicals such as mercury. Mercury can grow into tiny plankton, which are eaten by fish, and ends up affecting humans as well. It only affects those who eat seafood because they are basically eating the fish that has consumed the plankton. Oil spills is a type of chemical that has toxic within them therefore”Chemical pollution can come from a single large event, such as an oil spill, but it also Dang 2 comes from many small sources, such as oil leaked by automobiles and carried by rain and waterways to the ocean. Only a small portion of oil in the ocean comes from major spills” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Another form of pollution in the ocean is sewage. “Sewage is another important kind of ocean pollution because it carries disease-causing microbes. When it rains, sewage is often discharged into harbors and beaches. Towns may monitor bacteria levels in the water to alert beachgoers when the water is polluted with sewage”(Alfred J. Andrea). For example, all the trash that people litter in the streets gets washed into the sewer whenever it rains. Usually the sewer is for water to go in when it rains but it turns out that the trash will be dragged along with the water. According to the article “Ocean Pollution” by Maclnnes David F., Jr., and Kahler Karen N, “Land-based sources account for approximately 80 percent of the pollutants that enter the marine environment.” Most of the trash comes from the sewage due to all the rain storms that occur. Therefore sewage is a major cause of illness around the world due to the viruses and the bacteria being spread around in the ocean from all the rainstorms. With all the information provided, the question is what effects does it have on living species. Waste disposal, such as chemicals and sewage, has been recognized as a potential threat to the environmental quality of waters.

Put this into a different perspective: “Considering the grave personal costs of getting caught, it’s only natural to ask why anyone would take such risks”(Birdsong). Why would anyone take any risk to dispose all this trash and all these chemicals in the ocean, when its not even there problem. Everyday, marine animals are getting caught in some kind of plastic or Dang 3 net. Most think that only fish are affected from getting caught in these but many don’t know that they also kill birds, turtles, dolphins and others mammals swimming in the sea. They take risks to be able to find food in the ocean to eat. According to John H. Tibbetts, the author of the article, “Managing Marine Plastic Pollution” says “by one estimate, the volume of plastic debris going into the world’s ocean could more than double by 2025.” The marine creatures are harmfully affected by this pollution, as to harming humans as well. It runs like a cycle because the humans make the decision to harm the ocean, therefore harming the marine life, and also harming themselves At the end of the day, ocean pollution is harming both human beings and marine animals. Chemicals such as oil spills can harm marine mammals by the toxic if has in it. The sewage leads a trail of trash into the ocean which is causing viruses and bacteria to spread. Last but not least, it causes animals to suffocate through the plastic debris. Ocean pollution is a huge problem that we need to solve. So how can it be solved? In the near future, I plan to build an organization where groups of clean-up crews tidy up the beach every weekend. I also plan on creating a project where trash will be collected right before it even touches the water but for as of right now, I suggest everyone to pick up after their own trash or any waste you see in the streets. By working together, we can make a difference in our earth, one clean act at a time.

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