About my Goals in a Study a Nurse Practitioner

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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About my Goals in a Study a Nurse Practitioner

This personal essay will outline the author’s goals and aspirations in studying to become a nurse practitioner. It will discuss their motivation for choosing this career path, the skills and knowledge they aim to acquire, and the impact they hope to have in the healthcare field. The piece will reflect on the personal and professional significance of these goals. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Learning.

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Having spent 19 years in emergency medicine, I reached a point of provider burnout. I was ready to quit and pursue anything other than healthcare. I took a step back from high-intensity care and, for the last three years, have worked in an area that allowed me to breathe, recoup, and refocus. I rediscovered the passion I once had for patient care, reconnecting with my roots as a nurse. Now, I am ready to take the next step and train to provide care autonomously as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

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I aim to influence policy changes and practice standards, and above all, play a part in fixing the shortcomings of our current disastrous healthcare system.

Short/Long-Term Goals

My short-term goal is to gain admittance into a master’s level program that will allow me to become an FNP. My long-term goal is to ultimately complete a doctoral level program of study. The desire to obtain a terminal degree in my profession speaks to my commitment to giving my best to the profession. An advanced course of study will enable me to do this by further developing my existing skills and adding new ones.

Key Attributes of the Nurse Practitioner

There are many key attributes of a successful FNP. A genuine desire to be of service to others is probably the most important of them. The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty has identified nine core competencies of a nurse practitioner (NONPF, 2012). A valuable attribute of a successful FNP would be not only to achieve these competencies but also to master them. Another key attribute would be the ability to remain relevant. In the current healthcare climate, it is going to be increasingly important to stay abreast of continuous policy and practice changes, technological advances, and changes in our care populations.

Plan for Program Success.

In order to be successful in my quest to further my education, I will enlist the members of my direct and extended family to ensure that I can dedicate the required time to my studies. There will be sacrifices, including leisure time. My husband and children will need to take responsibility for things I have typically taken care of for them. I will put forth the effort, but it is my family, friends, and colleagues that underpin my success through their dedication to support me.

Major Trends in Healthcare

Our health care system is so broken, it cannot continue to function the way it currently does. There will be further focus on cost-effective, outcome-based care. Nurse practitioners are rated at least as well as physicians in clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and other measures of quality (Bauer, 2010). Utilizing more FNPs will be the answer to improving access to care. My role in this will be to provide top-notch care to patients, utilizing best practices to ensure good outcomes. Further, I see myself participating in policy change by being involved with professional organizations, communicating with lawmakers, and adhering to the highest professional standards.

My experience, drive to excel, commitment to quality care, and desire to improve our current system make me an excellent candidate for your master’s program. I ask you to see the worth in what I offer and help me to develop further.


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