About Heritage’s Role

Incensed by what she sees as a background marked by persecution in her family, Dee has developed another legacy for herself and rejected her genuine legacy. She neglects to see the family inheritance of her given name and goes up against another name, Wangero, which she trusts all the more precisely speaks to her African legacy. Be that as it may, the new name, similar to the “African” garments and adornments she wears to create an impression, is useless.

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She has minimal genuine comprehension of Africa, so what she thinks of her as obvious legacy is really vacant and false. Moreover, Dee sees her genuine legacy as dead, something of the past, as opposed to as a living, continuous creation. She wants the cut dasher and family quilts, however she considers them to be antiquities of a lost time, reasonable for showcase yet not for real, pragmatic utilize. She has set herself outside her very own history, dismissing her genuine legacy for a developed one.

Mother and Dee have altogether different thoughts regarding what “legacy” is, and for Mama, the family protests are mixed with the nearness of the general population who made and utilized them. The family treasures are the genuine tokens of Dee’s character and inceptions, however Dee knows minimal about the past. She misquotes the basic realities about how the blankets were made and what textures were utilized to make them, despite the fact that she professes to be profoundly associated with this society custom. Her longing to hang the blankets, in a museumlike display, recommends that she feels love for them however that to her they are basically outside, generic items. Mother comprehends that Maggie, not Dee, ought to have the blankets, in light of the fact that Maggie will regard them by utilizing them in the manner in which they were proposed to be utilized. At the point when Dee battles toward the finish of the story that Mama and Maggie don’t comprehend their legacy, Walker plans the comment to be amusing: unmistakably, it is Dee herself who does not comprehend her legacy.

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