Abortion in the United States

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According to www.rainn.org, “For every 1000 women in the United States, 25 of them will get raped.” 10% of rapes end up in pregnancy. ( www.jognn.org/) So out of these poor 25 women, 2-3 of them will get pregnant . These unfortunate women have an unwanted product of the worst day of their life. Also being responsible for the child, they have to pay for its life that was never wanted. This ornament that everyday makes them mentally unstable. All of this could prevented with a simple pill or procedure. Without abortion, women wouldn’t have control over their own bodies. Women should legally have and keep the right to choose to have an abortion.

Abortion isn’t illegal in any state but late term abortions are prohibited in 23 states after the 20 week period (planned parenthood.com). This will step in the right direction but still makes it very hard to obtain an abortion in many states. About 90% of counties in the US do not have a known abortion clinic. (data.guttmacher.org/) The positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to abortion.

Speaking of illegal, abortions used to be. Making them illegal again in 2019, would cause more problems then solve them. Self given abortions are extremely dangerous. A women who did an interview with rollingstone.com said “They insert a foreign object into the uterus – this long rubber tube – and I had to leave in. I don’t remember if it fell out or I had to take it out. “ and when she eventually went to the gynecologist, they told her she was “lucky to be alive” and “had done something pretty stupid.”

This illegal abortion happened in the 1970s. Some other method include using a sharp object to puncture the abiotic sac, injecting oneself with chemicals that would cause a miscarriage, or illegally obtaining over the counter drugs that will also cause a miscarriage. (https://en.wikipedia.org/) All these method are extremely unsafe and can lead to further issues with the mother, or even death. Making abortion access easy and affordable would cause no of these horrendous actions to ever be considered by a mother.

To start off, teenagers who get abortions are more likely to succeed in their future then ones than ones who decide to keep the child. www.thoughtco.com/ states that “Often, teenage girls who get pregnant drop out of school and tend to live a more stress filled life. Accidents happen, everybody in the planet has made a mistake in their life. some bigger than others. When this happens is someone besides the soon to be mother of the child, to take away a bright young girls future. Because this happened, it doesn’t make her any less worthy of a bright future than others. Abortion are an easy way to help this girl succeed with her career.

Nearly all abortions are done in the first trimester, about 91%. (www.foxnews.com) Most mothers make their decision very quick knowing whether or not the baby will be a positive or negative impact on their lives. Furthermore, www.livescience.com says that “all abortions are performed with Anesthesia given to the fetus. Babies in the womb cannot feel pain until third trimester.” With this, does anybody remember being in their mother’s womb, or when their mother gave birth to them.

Or even the early days of their life? The brain can make memories before the age of 3, but while they’re all growing up, the brain forgets these memories and can’t really hold on to a memory until after the age of 6. (psychcentral.com) If the fetus can’t remember the event or even feel it, why is it so hard for us to give this procedure easy access to women in America?

Children are very expensive to raising, as well as very time consuming. It cost almost a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child from ages 0 to 18. (www.usatoday.com) That’s a whole lot of unwanted expensive. A lot of these mothers who get unwanted pregnant unexpectedly are on their own, and can barely pay for themselves. As well as money, children cost a lot of time as well. According to www.bls.gov “The average parent spends 2 hours and 11 minute daily with their children before the age on 6.” When you break this down, that is 5, 096 hours of the parents life, or 212.3 days. Unexpected mothers just aren’t ready to give a child a wholesome, loved filled life like they deserve.

When thinking about abortion, it’s a very harsh thing and appears mentally scarring. Many studies show that women who choose to have abortions over not tend to be less depressed. (theconversation.com) Having an abortion is a very big decision obviously and can be a life changing one at that. Women need to do what’s best for them, their bodies, and their future. Other people as well as opportunity, shouldn’t get in the way of that decision. The world doesn’t know anyone’s life life that person does, they dont know whats best for them and the situation their in. Why should we hold back on opportunity to make their life a better one?

Some women bodies can simply not handle having a child. “In 2015, more than 26 deaths were recorded per 100,000 pregnant women.“ www.health.harvard.edu/ states. The intense changes the body goes through is what causes these “maternal mortalities.” When having a child, the mother is literally growing the fetus in stomach like a plant. The mother has to take care of herself in order for it to grow healthy and strong.

There’s so much physical and mental stress but on the body when preparing for a baby as well as when in labor. Soon-to-be moms are constantly asking themselves if they’re going to be a parent and worrying about their babies futures. If getting pregnant in the first place wasn’t planned, why should we give these women all this unwanted stress on their lives? We should not cut back on the opportunity to make the best decision for their physical health.

A lot of people say that women who get pregnant who don’t want the child should just put the child up for adoption. This is not a good compromise because there are only 135,000 kids adopted in the United States each year. (https://adoptionnetwork.com) That is a pretty big number but compared to the 428,000 kids who stay in foster care each year, it’s just a dent in finding these foster children homes. That is under 30% of children getting adopted from foster homes each year. Adoption isn’t very common because of how expensive it cost. www.adoptuskids.org states “The cost of working with an attorney and not involving an agency may range from $8,000 to $40,000.” Adoption isn’t a simple and easy compromise when is can cost up to the price of a brand new car.

Rape is a very serious topic across the world. Most rape charges can get someone 15 years in jail on average. ( www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) This can vary by who the victim was and if they were underage. Rape is classified as 1st degree sexual assault in case of court. From rape alone about 32,000 women yearly get pregnant from the unfortunate event. About 10,240 of these victims don’t even discover that their pregnant until after the second trimester. (www.jognn.org) Rape isn’t wanted by anyone, and the fact that some of these poor souls get a trinket of the worst day of their lives is a tragedy.

Rape also is not the victim’s fault. Consent is something that is very simple but yet seems to be very hard to get amongst a lot of people. An abortion would cause these women a lot less mental stress from that tragic moment in their lives. Without this, they would have to stare that into the eyes of their rapists everyday through their child.

Abortion shouldn’t be hard to get as well as expensive. This procedure that should be as easy to get as just going to a doctor’s office in the area and asking for it. Abortion is a simple procedure that is more than safe. We shouldn’t have control over someone else’s life and their decision, especially when it can be life-altering and life threatening.

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