A Personal Experience Narrative on Racism

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Experiencing Racism and Stereotyping

Racism is still very much instilled in society, whether direct, subconsciously, or indirectly is still present in all our lives, every day, whether we notice it or not. I, as a Dominican American woman, have experienced racism personally, and I’ve seen it very much active and in ways that shouldn’t be socially acceptable. As early as the 5th grade, I experienced prejudice indirectly. I attended “All Saints Regional Catholic School,” where the students were predominately white.

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Throughout the hallways of my school or outside in the playground, I would hear that Latinos are drug addicts; they don’t work; they depend on welfare. I also heard comments, such as Latinos are gang members, Latin mothers are slaves to their husbands, and the only job Latin women can have is working as a maid. Growing up, there were few Latinos in television and Hollywood. Even then, Latin characters were portrayed negatively. They were criminals, maids, gang members, drug addicts, or drug dealers.

Transformation and Identity Journey

Presently, a dramatic change has occurred with more Latinos in the media along with different characters. Since Latinos were portrayed negatively in the media, many people internalized this belief bringing forth racism. During the sixth grade, I encountered a critical stage in my life where I denied my heritage by saying that I was American. My experience had to do with feeling accepted by my peers. Also, I was timid, and I didn’t have the capacity to stand up for myself or other Latinos. While they talked about Latinos, I kept quiet; I didn’t want them to think of me negatively. This experience lasted throughout the school year. When I returned to school after the summer break, I ended up transferring to a public school in my hometown. I was terrified because of my past experience and my previous school. But, when I walked into my first day of middle school, half of my classmates were Latinos. They differed in the way that they were proud to say they were Dominican, Mexican, and Puerto Rican.

Challenging Prejudice: A Call for Empowerment

Thus, I pursued a relationship with these classmates, and I began to feel differently about ethnicity. I realized that I was taking part in the prejudiced thoughts my previous classmates had toward Latinos by concealing my identity. I also recognized that Latinos were struggling to pursue a better life and that we were looked down upon. As a result of discrimination, it is difficult for us to accomplish our goals in life. Presently, every opportunity I get, I talk about my culture. I discuss the hardships Latinos face, and I describe my experience growing up Dominican and educating others about how not all Latinos live up to the stereotype.

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