A Discussion on Immigration in the United States: the Example of Enrique’s Journey

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Immigration is a topic that is discussed in the United States as well as there are people who are for it and versus it. This topic is talked about in the news, during presidential arguments, as well as in publications like Enrique’s Journey. Enrique’s Trip is a book concerning a guy name Enrique and his trip to rejoin with his mom Lourdes. Lourdes had a hard time to sustain her one child and child, Enrique as well as Belky.

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She understood that they would just have the ability to most likely to institution momentarily and that she did not want them to mature how she needed to, which remained in severe poverty. She had to make a severe decision below to leave her kids and attempt to make it to the USA in hopes of obtaining a task to be able to send out cash back to her youngsters so they would be able to live a much better life then she has had in the past. She chose to take the chance and also most likely to the USA to attempt and have the ability to take care of her kids.

It’s difficult to choose if this is a good or bad thing to do since it looks like an excellent act yet can end up as an awful choice. You try to do well yet after that what occurs to the children that you leave behind without knowing what the fate of your youngsters would be. You also have to consider what takes place if you fall short to get what you had expected and after that you’re pretty much helpless. I’m uncertain what I would certainly carry out in this scenario and also would certainly have to review all the risks to see if the activity I would take would be really worth it and also if losing your household to attempt and also help them would certainly be a good action to take.

So Lourdes’s choices had some consequences that impacted Enrique greater than anyone in my opinion. To start with this left Enrique unaware on why his mom left as well as any kind of information that he would certainly attempt to get from his family really did not assist due to the fact that he did not receive a straight solution. Belky got to go to a good college and also was well dealt with by their aunt. Enrique on the other hand didn’t get so fortunate, Enrique gets mixed from home to house as well as is required to market flavors as well as food while he was still a kid in order to help spend for family members expenses. He dealt with his granny for the majority of his childhood years however when he starts to rebel he is tossed out. His mom leaving him started abandonment concerns within Enrique as well as the fatality of his uncle made it worse.

To comfort himself in these scenarios he counted on medications, his household and also girlfriend attempted to interfere and help him out however that really did not make much progress. He ultimately wound up wishing to most likely to the United States to look for his mommy. He leaves Honduras with little cash, one change of clothing and also his mother’s telephone number. He ends up needing to try access right into the USA 8 times before he makes an effective attempt. Each of the first 7 attempts is accompanied by being beat up, burglarized, deported as well as embarrassed, Despite these situations he never ever surrenders as well as continues to attempt.

I really feel that if Enrique still had his daddy and mommy to cope with him that his life would still be harsh but it would certainly have not been as harsh as it remained in this current situation. I really feel that he would not have developed his desertion problems. He additionally wouldn’t need to rebel and rely upon drugs to comfort himself. His life possibly would certainly still be rough in the end yet, there are different ways that life can be harsh to you and you would certainly want the one that is least excruciating which includes your parents and household. With your family members it is a whole lot much easier to make it through the rough times after that it is when you are by yourself and have nobody to actually count on.

There are also the contrary opinion regarding these scenarios. Some people would certainly state that, yes leaving your youngsters is fine if you’re attempting to get them a better life after that you had due to the fact that what you experienced was terrible. To respond to that individuals can say that when you leave you aren’t going to have a smooth experience as well as for Lourdes this held true. When she makes it to the USA, she recognizes that life in the United States is harder than she expected. She needs to operate in a collection of low-paying tasks, as well as likewise becomes pregnant. When she gives birth to her little girl Diana, she loses her manufacturing facility task and then ends up being a prostitute for some time. However, eventually she finds steady job once again, and is able to send out cash, apparel, as well as playthings to Enrique as well as Belky. The kids value the gifts, yet that isn’t sufficient to replace the physical existence of their mommy.

Immigration will constantly have 2 sides to it and also each side will certainly constantly suggest why it is better or even worse to have immigration in the USA. People who are professional would certainly use the tale of Enrique’s Trip to justify unlawful migration by stating individuals are simply searching for a better life after that they what had when they left their home. While the opposite would say that all illegal aliens that come right here are going to commit crimes and that they need to all be deported. In the United States there are over 11 million unapproved immigrants. That is a great deal of individuals involving the United States for all type of reasons as well as those reasons could have excellent objectives or they can pertain to the USA and commit crimes.

Out of the 11 million individuals that are below as unauthorized immigrants there are 60% of them that belong to 6 states alone. I feel that this resembles this due to the fact that they have listened to good things about these areas and try to begin their life in these states. I really feel that the argument that these unapproved immigrants take work that individuals staying in the USA could be doing is kind of lightweight. First you have the tasks that they do, these work are jobs that most regular people would certainly not want to do. I as soon as saw this documentary on what these immigrants provide for job and also one of the jobs was selecting oranges. The job took a lot of job and labor that the majority of routine individuals would not want to carry out in the first place.

Additionally, the expenditure for this task wasn’t that great, and they were paid by the number of tubs of oranges they could complete in a day. These immigrants were here on a visa and this was the job they could find. Considering this, what do you think the unauthorized individuals would have to do to earn money, and how much less would they be paid because they don’t earn a lot from these hard-working jobs that no one else wants to do in the first place? This leads to the argument that only about 5% of the entire United States labor force consists of unauthorized immigrants. However, if you consider it, how many jobs within this 5% are ones that people want to do or wouldn’t want to do at all? I believe that if this were truly an issue and if legal persons desired these jobs, they would obtain them. Furthermore, if nobody else even wanted the job, it would be acceptable to leave the situation as it is.

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