“Wuthering Heights” and “Rebecca” Analysis

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Not every romantic novel is about true love. Books such as Wuthering Heights and Rebecca are far from being romantic. From romance comedies to gothic romance, the novels have plots that are quite different from the normal storyline. These novels are more mysterious and full of suspense. Clearly, authors Daphne du Maurier and Emily Brontë wanted a romantic plot that was unusual and unexpected from readers. Luckily, many people who read either Rebecca or Wuthering Heights were quite surprised with where the authors took the storyline. Both Daphne du Maurier in Rebecca and Emily Brontë in Wuthering Heights display similar personalities in characters, themes of revenge, social class, and identity; however, the novels differ in writing styles and symbolism.

Characters in both Rebecca and Wuthering Heights are similar. In Rebecca, Maxim de Winter’s goal is to have a loyal wife who sticks and does not betray him. In Wuthering Heights, the first Catherine Earnshaw was loyal to Heathcliff. Both Maxim and Heathcliff killed their first loves for betraying them. According to Daphne du Maurier’s words, “Maxim confesses the truth to his wife: Rebecca was a spiteful, bitter woman who threatened to make him responsible for her child by another man, and in a fit of rage he killed her”(pg 261, #1). As time went on, both Maxim and Heathcliff were stuck in the memories of their first loves. In the words of Emily Bronte, “Heathcliff is transformed on his return–tall, athletic, well-formed–but he is hellbent on avenging the loss of Cathy”(pg 314, #3). Other characters such as the narrator in Rebecca and 1st Catherine in Wuthering Heights are quite similar in circumstances, but different in personalities. Both of these girls were loyal to Maxim and Heathcliff, however things changed when they are hit with reality. Consequently, the two girls in the novels had to the learn the hard truth about Maxim and Heathcliff.

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