Why is Sex Education Important to Today Life?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Jenny State who is an American stand-up comedian and actress says, “” I got great sex education and I always knew that if I wanted to be sexually active, I had to have safe sex.”” Sex education today is something that all teens should be interested in, and learn about the basics about sex and to know whether if it is safe or not. The diseases; HIV, STD, and Chlamydia and all other diseases that can be sexually transmitted which are diseases that teens can get by having sexual intercourse with others.

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Teaching youths and teens about sex education can help others become aware of what is going on today in the world, and how to adapt by having sexually contact with others. (blogs.edweek.).

Talks about how Sex education tends to cover not only about the topics of having sexual intercourse but to talk about pleasure and to talk about sex not just as something that makes babies. Which she is saying that Sex education is a lot more to talk about then just diseases, how to avoid having babies from sex and other things that teens know about. Today, teens talk about Sex education as of what could happen if teens catch diseases and the benefits they could come across as well and the lack of knowledge teens receive before going into Sex education.

Sex education should be taught in schools due to teens learning about safe sex and the avoiding on diseases. Sex education is an high quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality, exploring values and beliefs about those topics and gaining the skills that are needed to navigate relationships and manage one’s own sexual health.(planned parenthood).

While being sexually active it is very important to know what are the symptoms of having safe sex. Safe sex teaches teens plenty of ways how to avoid from diseases; kissing, by using condoms when being sexually active because it helps avoid many diseases, or even by having oral sex have to make sure protection is provided as well. “”Sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex could lead to an unintended pregnancy; and sexual contact of any sort could spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).”” (Walter). Which is stating that by not having safe sex many diseases are being transferred into your body, and that can spread affectively.

By taking sex education safe sex will also teach plenty of diseases and their meanings, some that teens hear a lot today that are spreading; HIV, STD, and Chlamydia.Today in Mississippi, 100,000 people are infected with HIV disease due to not knowing how to protect their bodies from having sexual intercourse. All of those diseases are common today, and can cause it by spreading to the next person you have sexually intercourse with as well. Some STD cannot be cured and can be deadly like HIV. “”HIV weakens a person ability to fight infections. Which is mostly contracted through unprotected sex or needle sharing”” (webmd.com) To avoid all of the diseases, and to get better health with other bodies, sex education should be taught in all schools and help follow up on how to have protected sex along with safe sex.

Sex education is something that teens need in everyday life. Sex education is also something that should be taught to all youth. Today in youths lives they learn from relationships, parents, and others on how to prepare for sex in their later lives. Explains the “”Comprehensive sexual health education teaches not only the basics of puberty and development, but also instills in young people that they have the right to decide what behaviors they engage in and to say no to unwanted sexual activity””. (futureofsexed.org)

Which states that it lets young people decide whether or not if their ready to involve in sex activities. It also teaches when the youth hits puberty and development and the important ways for us to know if they are ready or not. It also focuses on the basics of things and how it affects teens in today’s life. It provides the knowledge of sex education which is to teach teens on how to be responsible for being sexually active people. (onlymyhealth). Which explains all of the benefits dealing with Sex education and helping teens prepare themselves when they are ready and also to not start at an early age.

By knowing about sex education and the benefits that comes with it by making sure teens knows what to expect, how to use sex education, and how to take it all in as one. By making sure you know the benefits and knowledge of sex is based on making sure teens, are willing to know the consequences if they are not having sex with no protection, and how the outcome can become. Learns how to prevent teen pregnancy, and follow behind the facts with an teen getting pregnant at young age. It can cause failure in school, increase of stress and, also a decrease in relationship with the child’s father sometimes.

Sex education is helpful because it teaches about all the kinds of diseases that we have today, and that can easily be caught from others in our generation. The diseases that teens should be aware are notified as Aids, Herpes, and HIV. Which are all sexually transmitted diseases that can by having sexually intercourse with another pear. Aids, which is an form transmitted by blood, and also having unprotected sex. There are many ages that can be affected and the 19-40 is the age limit of the highest in our country that informs with having diseases aids.

Herpes, is the same effect that can be transmitted through blood and by sharing belongings with other such as; soaps, towels, drinking after one another, or even mouth to mouth can be contagious. That also has a high rank in our system which it shares along 19-60 range increases up higher than before. That is transmitted the same way by having unprotected sex, and through the blood in the body. By taking sex education is very important to teach teens why they are young, so they could be aware of what could go and so they could avoid the diseases that some teens are catching today. It could make the number that is resistant today stay at a instant rate and not go any higher if teens knew the details, and information before they grow up to become sexually active in their lives.

On the other hand, some parents says that Sex education should not be taught in schools due to the fact that parents would like to teach their own kids about sex. Some kids may not feel comfortable and may make a difference with their parents teaching them about it other than giving sex education in schools.Due to the fact parents also consider sex being a sensitive subject and they prefer them to know what is going on with their child instead of a teacher who is teaching about the subject.

Teens also look up to their parents more than anything on today, rather than teachers because the advice can be taken seriously when teens are hearing it from their parents or any other relatives. Also, teachers are not allowed to go into full details about Sex education like parents are schools have more have an policy, and can only inform the teens on the basics of Sex education. Although, sex education is important to our society they rather for teens to learn about the basics that could take students a long on how to prevent and which the cause of Safe sex, Knowledge about Sex ed, and the diseases that are informed in Sex education on today.

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