Who is a Better Leader Jack or Ralph?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Who is a Better Leader Jack or Ralph?

This essay will analyze the leadership qualities of Ralph and Jack in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies.” It will compare and contrast their leadership styles, goals, and the impact they have on the other characters. The piece will discuss how their approaches to leadership reflect the novel’s themes of civilization versus savagery, and the inherent nature of humanity. It will also consider the effectiveness of their leadership in the context of the novel’s plot and moral lessons. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Lord Of The Flies.

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In Williams Golding’s Novel, Lord Of The Flies , Ralph and Jack are leaders. Leadership is when a person who is confident to take responsibility and who inspire people to do things. A person is important because they encourage people to do things they want to do or be. Ralph is the better leader because he is more organized and he is more responsible and makes good decisions at the same time. Ralph is a better leader.

Ralph is a person who likes to get things done.

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He takes institution and a fast thinker. Ralph also likes to dothinges his way. Ralph wants to get things together so they don’t have to be without shelter.Ralph really wants to get off if the Island. He doesn’t want anyone to do things till he tells them there jobs.

Ralph is kid caring and brave (pg-80-81) Ralph knew that getting off of the island was the key to leaving the island and to go home and in addition Ralo made the fire was kept going so someone or something would see them. Hardworking is the main key for Ralph because he knew half of the kids on the island wanted to go home to see there mom and dad. Because Ralph blowed the conch for a meeting so he can help talk about what is going to happen. Ralph wants to use the rocks to keep the fire going so someone can see it and help them. we’ve all got to use the rocks again this place is getting dirty . Ralph doesn’t nun of the Boys let the fire go out because the last time he fire went out there was a ship in the area. But right when the ship was coming through fire went out and Ralph got really mad and made the boys do fire watch for a long time and the all of the boys would take turns.

Ralph has a ability to work/maintain order at the same time. Ralph wants to get things done so they would have somewhere to live well they are stuck on the island. Ralph is the only one who takes control in the group. Ralph wants to give the all if the boys jobs to do so they can stay busy throughout the day so they can be safe and good environment to stay in well they are on the island. We’ve got to make a fire to keep us safe through the night do nun if the boys will get hurt. None of their parents knows where their kids are and none of the boys want to die well they are on the island.

Ralph is the only by out of the whole group to stay what’s on there mind. someone who directs or guides a group. However, good ability to set priorities and accomplish what needs to be done with the feelings of the group in mind. However Ralph is really the the only one who cares about other people’s feelings half of the time. Some of the boys are younger than the other boys so Ralph I more overprotective them then the older boys. When all of the boys were still asleep Ralph went to the lagoon to wash up, after the he washed up he went to go make more shelters for more of the boy because there was not a lot of them. Ralph is like the adult of the group.

Ralph has this idea, and stuck with it for the safety of himself, and the others on the island. Ralph is always on the lookout for opportunities and ideas to help the group get rescued. Ever since there go stuck on the island he always made it feel like safe when all of the boys were asleep.The theme of chaos is demonstrated through the loss of control, power-struggle, and the fight for on the island. As a leader, Ralph possesses the quality of responsibility to make the island as safe as possible for little luns. Ralph should recognize his contribution to the island, and how he made a great impact. Without Ralph, the children on the island may have not been rescued. Ralph made a decision to keep the little luns safe no matter what happens to them and Ralph wants to make all of the kids happy when ever they are feeling down.

Leadership is that they encourage people to do things they want to do. In Lord Of The Flies,Jack and Ralph are very different leader. Jack is out minded because he likes to do things that will get him in trouble, but Ralph is responsible, caring,and brave. It is evident that Ralph is the stronger leader in the novel.

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