What would i do with Ten Billion Dollars

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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If I was given 10 billion dollars, I would like to allocate the funding research in to development of fusion reactors as a source of energy for the future. The reason I would allocate the funding research because we could learn more for the future. Another reason would be, it would be better when we have better technology later on then we do now.

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Also it would be safer for us if we understand it more than we do now.

In the future we would know more about it then we do now. In Nuclear Energy Fission it says “Nuclear power has provided about 17% of world electricity generation in recent years.” This show that we can us Fission but only at a low rate in recent years. Then it says “the future of nuclear power in the United States is likely to depend more upon public policy attitudes than upon technological constraints or even economic competition.” This show that people would like to choose on what they should do for the future if they wanted to. Lastly it says “there could be a continued moratorium on the ordering of new nuclear plants.” This shows that we would probably use them in the future.

The better we have technology we would get know more then what we do now. In The Murky Future of Nuclear Power in the United States is says “Toshiba, to the brink of financial ruin, resulting in Toshiba’s chairman stepping down.” This shows that in making nuclear power plants it could have a lot of money in to it but not the technology. Then it says “which has broad and overlapping implications for tax and trade policies, economic development and national security.” This shows that how much it can be bad of the economy if we are not ready to have them yet. Lastly it says “Under the old system, companies received construction permits based on incomplete plans and then applied for an operating license, often leading to rebuilding and lengthy delays.” This show that without new technology we will get behind on the making of them.

The safer it is for us the better we will understand. In Nuclear Energy Fission it says “design and operation modifications and retrofitting of nuclear plants have reduced the chance of another accident”. This shows that we have learned that we can understand that we can do things better and safer. Then it says “This calculated index of reactor safety is determined on the basis of the observed occurrence of precursor events which might lead to core damage, were other things also to go wrong.” This shows that we can learn where we go wrong and can fix it. Lastly it says “All of the newly designed next-generation reactors claim a very high level of safety.” This shows the newer safer reactors can be very helpful to us in different ways so we can understand more.

I would want to research into the development of fusion reactors as sources of energy of the future, if I had 10 billion dollars. One because we would know more than we do now. Two because we would have better technology then we do now. Lastly three because it would be better for us in different ways.

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