Wal-Mart and the Protection Chance for Interpersonal Communication

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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In a profoundly questionable move, your favorite social network has recently agreed to allow Wal-Mart access to the posts, messages, and photos of its users. Wal-Mart will also access user names and email addresses, violating the network’s security policy. Wal-Mart plans to mine this data to learn more about what its customers want and to create targeted direct mailings and emails promoting those items. You are vehemently opposed to this change in the privacy policy, compelling you to send a message to the social network expressing your opinion.

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What do you say?

This is about informal community access to postings, messages, and photographs of clients. Wal-Mart will likewise access usernames and email addresses, infringing upon the private system. This pertains to the straightforward security issues of informal networks. The websites primarily suffer from these issues, yet they are two distinct beasts (Kenny, 2018). Security use encompasses any form of baseless information used to access private data. In essence, all security and privacy, especially in social networking sites, wholly belong to the users, as does the wealth of information at their disposal. Social networking has remarkably transformed the way people interact with friends and even family members.

Systems such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and so forth play a significant role in everyday life recently (Kenny, 2018). I discovered the security risk when using social networking arbitrarily; it is important to consider the privacy risk. Wal-Mart is one of the largest public companies and also the largest public retailer. The business strategies of Wal-Mart’s online social media will be discussed below.

1. Doing great is a noteworthy point. Social media guarantees the client cost, established in the association specifically by Wal-Mart’s mission, which saves some money.

2. Prepare representatives and establish great rules: The organization needs to focus on their mission. The rules should cover all areas and include innovative initiatives for the large organization.

Purpose of online life in view of gathering audience interest: By utilizing Twitter, we can address the inquiries of the customers. Customer engagement enables communication between two parties. The social network facilitates Walmart’s sustainability and diversity efforts. Optimal performance from press releases induces various announcements. Social media can be utilized both extensively and locally. It encompasses all applications, updating the public in a given area using the webpages effectively. Knowledge enhancement and improvement of Walmart’s business ideas are attainable through the use of social media.

4. Connect dependably and tune in to information: Your business’s growth probably indicates the security and privacy issues. You can apply good Wal-Mart social media strategies to create targeted direct mailing and promotions of these items (Kenny, 2018). There are several risks involved in utilizing social media, which might result in stolen identification or breached privacy. In some cases, services have been hacked through various methods. According to various reports, this might alter the way of communication, which could lead to flaws in banking and location data, workplace, and plans. Therefore, you should be aware and prepared regarding these risks to protect yourself and your networks.


Stecher, A., & Kenny, B. (2018). Walmart in the Global South: Workplace Culture, Labor Politics, and Supply Chains. 11, 157-179.

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