Two Spirit Dance Film Review

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the film, The Two Spirit Dance, the viewer sees the ways in which dance allows for an individual to find their true sense of self. For many years the Native American culture was against homosexuality. People who didn’t conform in being heterosexual felt outcasted and treated as different. The Hoop dance is an indigenous dance that was created to represent and accept all identities.

The Hoop dance allowed for people to express their sexualities and identities and feel connected with society.

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This dance also allowed people to find their true sense of self and embrace it. In the film, Muxes, there are many challenges muxes face in the Juchitan society. Throughout time the Juchitan community has struggled in attempting to understand the term muxe. Communities like the Juchitan believe in genders either being male or female. Being a muxe breaks through that gender barrier allowing people to express their true sense of self despite how society perceives them. Lastly, in the film, Out in America, the film shares personal loves stories of individuals expressing their true sexuality. Many couples shared their hardships of being a gay or lesbian couple in society. Many mentioned how they faced rejection and discrimination from the outside world, but still fought for their rights despite the hardships.

In the film, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, the viewer sees the representation of a transgender. In the film, Agrado, is a transgender male who was married to Manuela. Manuela and Agrado had a son who would always ask his mother about his “father”. Manuela lied and kept Agrado’s true identity a secret because she didn’t want her son to know his “father” was a woman. This situation shows one of the struggles many transgenders face which is rejection. Due to this Esteban was unable to unite with his “father.

Another challenge Agrado faces is finding a suitable job. A lot of times transgenders get rejected from jobs because of the way they look. Most jobs aren’t expecting in seeing everyone as equal. All in all, these films showed people who went against societal “norms” and chose to express their true selves. Due to their choices they were rejected and outcasted by society. They wanted love and happiness just like everyone else in the world and to be viewed as accepted and equal in society.

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