The World’s First Civilization

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From the 8-13th century in Islam, is referred to many scholars as the Islamic Golden Age. In today’s world, Islamic people are known to dislike the interest of freedom in religion, education sexuality etc. But few realize that centuries ago Islam was nothing like that. As a matter of fact, they embraced it. Because of several verses in the Ouran, Islam focused more on knowledge and the arts more than strict religion. The rise of Islam was one of humanity’s most successful reign. The harsh environment of the Pre-Islamic Arabian World, the life of Muhammed, and the genesis of Islam contributed to the Golden Age and close to world domination.

Before the rise of Islam, one of the biggest cultures that dominated the Arabian Peninsula was the nomadic Bedouin people. They were very polytheistic with hints of Jews and Christians and were very patriarchal. In this time, there was no belief in the afterlife, or a future for an individual, it was only tribal law that mattered. Starvation made it difficult to live at these times and many clans and tribes spread, Overtime, the Nomads gain the biggest clan of kinship and blood. Tribes were very harsh and strict in this time. Everyone had to put in effort in to their tribe and each tribe had their personal laws. The law’s balance of justice is very different. If a person dies in one tribe, they do not punish the murderer but balance it by killing that of liking to the victim to keep “balance”. Women had very few legal or human rights. Men can take as many slaves and wives as they please. In hardship, they would go to war to raid and plunder. Nothing was religion motivated, only human glory. With this unstable and untogether society, it was easy for the Abbasids to take over. This, however, did not last for long.

Many Arab prophets arose at this time, the one who had the greatest effect on the Nomands and the oncoming of the Golden Age was Mohammed. Mohammed was born into the Quraysh tribe in 570 C.E. He spent six years in Banu Hashim Bedouin encampment. Muhammed’s parents both died and several years later he became a prophet, prophesying the existence of one God. Muhammed won over many religions, especially by the Umayyad notables who perceived him a threat. This was only the beginning of the rise of Islam. When the Abbasids took over they formed a caliphate, and the Islam religion spread rapidly, faster than any other religion. Islam situated in the Arabian Peninsula, Mediterranean and North Africa. Islam wanted the arts and science to be advanced. Islam was very inclusive and had great meetings with each other as scholars over wisdom and science. There were many great creations at this time that boosted humanity further such as: the most detailed map in the time period with other scientific discoveries. Medical research was written in many books. They also had an efficient way of healthcare, they stayed open 24 hours and helped the poor no matter the cost. The world’s first universities were established, focusing on the arts, poetry, and literature.

The Islamic state sought out Sophism that promotes peace and education. Genghis Khan and his Mongol army took over a large percent of East Asia not excluding the Islamic Caliphate. In 1258, Baghdad was destroyed by the Mongols and threw all of their books into the Tigris River until the river ran black of ink. Most historian marks this as the end of the Golden Age of Islam. If things went about differently in history, what could Islam become today? If things went according to plan with Islam, they probably would have had the entire world under their control.

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