The Remarkable Nikola Tesla

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Scientists are everywhere, but are all of them as talented as Tesla? Let’s find out. Nikola Tesla was a scientist who lived from the 1850s to the 1940s. He worked with electricity, and he made a bunch of amazing discoveries and inventions along the way. He was one of the most talented inventors in my opinion. Nikola was very involved with electricity during his lifetime. He never stopped thinking of new ideas that he could create. He would go on to have one of the most important inventions of all time.

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He worked for a long time to get what he wanted, and thatinspires me to work hard as well. Now let’s look at some details about one of his most important inventions.

Tesla was an intriguing and interesting child growing up. He was born during a lightning storm in the summer of 1856 in Smiljn, Croatia. He was the second youngest in a poor family of five children. Nikola had a photographic memory, and in math class the teachers accused him of cheating. One evening, he was petting his cat and he saw static electricity coming from the cat as he stroked her. Consequently, it was then that he became particularly fascinated in electricity.His dad urged him to be a priest but instead he opted for engineering school.The future inventor loved learning and he would continue that through his lifetime. As a result, when Nikola was 21, he won a scholarship to Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria. He wasknown to study extensively, sometimes 20 hours a day. He was hired as an engineer for the Edison Co. He eventually immigrated to the US in 1884. The Edison Co. offered him $50,000 to solve a series of engineering problems they faced. He took the challenge and solved them, but later was told that the offer was just a joke.

Devastated, he left the Edison Co. six months later.Nikola Tesla knew he had to work hard to get what he wanted. At one point he worked digging ditches in the city for $2.00 a day. He struggled with this because he felt he was wasting his talents. So, in 1887, he set up a lab in Manhattan, and developed the very first alternating current induction motor. Backed by two investors, he formed the Tesla Electric Co. At the engineering meeting, which is like a convention, he demonstrated his invention. The Westinghouse Company loved it, and immediately hired him and licensed his technology. Ironically, Edison was Tesla’s mentor, and now his rival.Nikola Tesla had some fantastic inventions and ideas, but it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine for him. There were problems and struggles that he faced, but that made him a better person altogether. Nikola Tesla’s personal life was not very interesting. Tesla was superstitious, had germ phobias, and everything he did had to be divisible by 3. He didn’t have a wife or children and was lonely for most of his adult life.

It was easier for him to befriend birds than people. After his parents died, his only family were his siblings. Therefore, living alone in a hotel in New York City, he died at age 86. Despite his challenges, Tesla was an amazing man. In conclusion, Nikola had a unique childhood, unlike many others. He had a love of learning that would never leave him. Though he had some odd phobias, he was not afraid of hardwork. I think Nikola was a remarkable inventor even though his life wasn’t perfect. His discoveries changed the way people looked at electricity forever. Tesla was intelligent and had so many ideas in his head. He was inspired and inspiring. I hope everyone feels the same way about him as I do.

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